WTB Any And All LP [Loyalty Point Buyback | 3b LP Cashed Out]

The market is hot right now! I am willing to buy any and all LP

  • 725 ISK/LP or more! (FW / Concord / Null LP is higher)
  • Minimum quantity of 10 million LP applies
  • Fast cash outs with a 24 hour turnaround
  • No hauling, no hassle
  • Cash-out anywhere in contiguous Hi-sec

Regular customers also get:

  • Cash-out in Low-sec space
  • Loot buyback at Jita buy

Don’t wait, get ISK for your LP today!

Contact me on Discord (Ben#6711) preferably, otherwise please do send an EvE-Mail

LP is non-transferable, what am I missing here?

By “Buying LP”, hes basically going to buy what you purchase through the LP store. I.e. you purchase a ship BPC from LP store, and contract it up and they accept.

So instead of going to jita and selling your stuff full price, @1000-1300 isk/lp, you sell it to this guy well under priced. Gotcha.


A lot of what they buy, requires things like tags. I.e. you need 400 caldari navy admiral tags to purchase. They also need to be built, after, because they are BPCs.

So its not as easy as buying the stuff in jita, buying the BPC, building the BPC, then selling it. You wont make much profit.

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Gotcha. The math has just always pointed me to data cores, or implants and bpc’s which the right ones average 1k+/lp after outright isk cost. bpc’s of course sold on tract.

Sorry I wasn’t on the forums much - but what Solonius said is correct. I’ll sell you gazillions of LP at 850 ISK/LP if you want. Should be a steal since I’m such a ripoff. Or maybe you’re thinking of a specific kind of LP that’s worth more, in which case different rates apply. Either way, the numbers speak for themselves - I’ve bought several billions of LP.

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