500mil uncollaterized, 30% interest, 7 days

Hello everybody.
I am a new player which just started to play EVE online. I have made 5 mil loyality points in FW ( equals to 5.5b ISK) , but I don’t have ISK to withdraw this LP to real ISK. Right now I have ~20 mil on wallet, even if I will withdraw with VNI ( 45.000 LP , 17mil ( stuff + ISK) per one VNI) then it will take a lot of time to fly with VNI to Jita, sell this VNI and return to the station.
I am asking for a small (for investors) loan 500 mil for 7 days.I will return to you 500+ 30%. Thank you.

This sounds like a Nigerian prince scam :smiley:

no, just it will take years to withdraw 5 mil LP with 22 mil on wallet

I read that as 500 bil… lmao

I will buy VNI prints directly from you in your LP station if that helps

Why not sell your LP? there are some big hitters that repurpose LP for a set amount per LP

I just don’t know guys which will buy my LP

I’ve passed on your thread to the person I know of, he can reach out if he is interested.

Here is their advice:

my advice to him would be: cap booster 800s till he has a decent stash of isk
like he only rly needs to do 1m of cap boosters either 3200 or 800
then he can do vnis or gantrys with the 1bil he got from that

Do you have any collateral available? If you can come up with partial collateral we can talk.

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