500mil loan, 1-2 month period, 3-5%/month

Hey guys, I’m trying to expedite my skillup training and get into a VNI so I can afk farm. I’m an alpha character, just started a few weeks ago but I’m in a great corp and they’ve been helping me out a lot.

My ultimate goal is to plex from alpha, but the wait time for skill training is intolerable in the early stages IMO…

I’m very active, play at least 3-4 hours a day so I’m fairly certain I can make it up within a few weeks.

I don’t have much in terms of collateral, since I started not too long ago… but If you want anything that I have we can work something out probably.

As a backup plan, if VNI doesn’t work out, I can opt for exploration since I have those skills lvled up fairly well and pay you back that way…

Thanks for all the help,




Haha, I dunno how to prove to you that I’m trying to be legitimate …

Thats the thing with this kind of loan. There is no power or mechanic in new eden that can effectively enforce the agreement. You could argue the same in RL, but political and legal stuffs are ultimately backed up by the army of the country. If this was an inner alliance agreement the alliance could backup the agreement but this is a case of the nigerian prince. Then again the effort is more than normal scammer would care to put nor is the requested isk that much.

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understood. I’ll keep at the grind until I make enough myself haha

Depending on where you are, you can also ask ratters if you can loot and/or salvage their sites. You can make a substantial amount of isk that way.

As well as go to Jita and scam local rich tards making substantial amount of isk.

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