⭐ MOONPIRE Investment Bank !closed!

People ask for 500 mill uncollateralized loans and still get shot down/called a scam. You have to keep in mind that you are essentially asking for an uncollateralized loan.

Also, the fear here is that without enough isk, your venture could fizzle. And this is the problem and the distinction you must make. You must either have a venture that requires a lot of isk, but also provide steady returns, or you must have a venture where you dont need isk because your own isk and your own methods of making isk will be more than enough to cover for the payouts even if you dont get the required funds.

If you are choosing for option 2, then, again, our advice is for you to wait. If you dont need the full, or even a certain amount of isk in order for your venture to come to fruition, and your isk in your wallet is more than enough to cover for it, then simply wait. You need to build up trust with the community in order to ask for something like this. Someone with no history of trade or investment, will not be getting any isk, because the risk is just too high.

check out how much crap this guy got, when he was essentially running the same business as you.