⭐ IChooseYou Investment Bank

24 months running! Thanks everyone.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/Cut4cV5

For those that don’t know me, here is the reddit story of how I made my first trillion isk.

This is the only investment fund that lets you deposit and withdraw isk at your leisure. Things are going great with over 600b invested from a ton of different players!


  • 0.5% interest/month if isk;

  • The minimum investment is 1bil (increments of 1b);

  • You can always ask to have your isk refunded at the end of a given month. Simply provide at least two weeks notice.

Post here or join us on our discord server: https://discord.gg/Cut4cV5.


Send isk to “IChooseYou” in game. Post here with how much isk you sent. And you are done. I will confirm receipt and pay you at the end of the month.

If you want your isk back, just post here, on my discord, or mail me ingame. Note: We return the isk to the character that made the investment, not your alt.



yes give it to him, I’m sure he will double it for you too. Sounds very reputable and very safe. Oh wait this is EVE don’t trust this gimmicky ■■■■ nozzle.


I have added some background to the original post. Positive replies have been received via mail. Bump.

There were a bunch of questions you were asked in the initial thread but never answered. Fancy taking the opportunity of responding to them here?


You asked for my Net Asset Value. The truth is that I don’t know at this point anymore. Most of my isk is in the form of character skill points spread out over 400 accounts. I also have a few hundred bil in structures. As to liquidity, I try to always have at least 200b so that I can buy any character that may come my way on the character bazaar.

You asked about my interest rate. I have now increased that rate to 2% for anyone investing 15b or more.

You noted that 1 to 1.5% is the rate that is typically offered by established borrowers. I don’t think that not being an established borrower hinders the value of my portfolio. People in eve know that I am reliable and good with isk. If anything, the fact that I have been able to manage and accrue my net worth without outside loans illustrated that I can manage isk effectively.

Thousands of people use IChooseYou Markets every day - and over 300 people have sold me their characters on the character bazaar. It is not in my best interests to create any doubt as to whether or not I am a reliable individual.

As to the type of investment, I can confirm that it has to do with the upcoming moon changes on October 24. I also confirm no nullsec and no destructible structures.

Borrowing isk is a new step for me. I appreciate your interest.

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Thanks. A couple of follow-ups, if I may.

I couldn’t make out a timeframe in your reddit post but could you give an indication of how long it took to make that first trillion. And a related follow-on is could you put a rough figure on your current monthly income? Pinning these figures down is quite important for making an assessment of how much 600 billion would be worth to you in terms of time, which helps with a broader risk assessment.

On this point, I can’t really agree. Trades on the bazaar are scam proof, so volume of trading there neither shows trustworthiness, nor will you find it harder to trade there if you do scam. Running the markets is rather more compelling but no-one using those services is taking a risk of the same degree as they are when it comes to a direct cash investment in eve and it’s certainly not unknown for prominent figures who have built up trust in other areas of the game to come to MD and try to leverage that in order to scam. It’s a tricky transition to make, because, obviously, climbing up via the traditional route just isn’t going to be attractive to someone who is honest and already wealthy but hasn’t been plugged into this forum. At the same time, without the traditional route it is extremely difficult for investors to price up the risk involved.


Thanks for your response.

I started playing eve in February of 2014. That post was in February of 2017, so less than three years for my first trillion.

I won’t divulged my monthly revenue at this point.

We’ll see where this investment stuff leads. I can understand that people are not prone to trust others in eve. If people choose to invest, then this may be a good start. I already have a couple of positive responses from the other thread and by mail so I’ll go from there.

I won’t divulged my monthly revenue at this point.

Without that figure it’s quite hard to judge the risk here. If we take the only hard figure we have and use that, we get an income of roughly 333 billion a year. If that’s still correct then you are asking the public to invest a sum that equal to nearly two years of your own labour. From a purely numerical perspective, that would look like an extremely high risk proposition because it would make scamming a hugely attractive possibility, as the payoff would be two years of earnings. On the other hand, if your earnings have now scaled to 100 bil a month, then the attraction of scamming would still be quite high, at half a year’s income, but nowhere near as high as with the first figure. If you ask an investor to put up money without having a reasonable idea of the ratio of the requested capital to your earnings, then you are asking them to invest blind.

I realise there are good reasons for wanting to keep certain figures under your hat but if you want well-informed investors you need to let out certain bits of data. That’s not to say legit bonds can’t be filled with rubes but encouraging that kind of low-information investing is not a great thing for the investment market as a whole. It leads to higher rates of scamming and lower investment standards, which in the long run makes it harder to find investments at all due to the number of investors who have been burned before.



@Lord_Hook and anyone else -

Would you be interested in filling 100-150b portion of this loan if covered with collateral?

Yes, Ill let you know how much once I hear back on other investment

@IChooseYou I can contribute 15b , which would get me 2% returns each month correct?

@Brock_Khans correct

Waiting until rest is filled to have people send? Or should I send it tonight

I am taking it on a rolling basis at this point, which means you can send whenever it is convient for you. Interest will be prorated and paid at the end of each calendar month.

Ill put in 75 bil once collaterals held by trusted 3rd party

@IChooseYou 15b sent

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@Brock_Khans Receipt confirmed.

@Lord_Hook Okay, thanks. My collateral is in the form of an AT ship which people recently offered to pay 150b for. If I get takers for another 75b I will put it up as collateral.

Which ship?