⭐ IChooseYou Collateralized Loans

I am looking to lend isk at a rate of 10% per month. I have filled a few private loans in the past, but this is my first public attempt.


  • Total isk available is 50b (I want to keep this number low until I can confirm the program’s viability.);
  • Minimum loan amount: 5b;
  • Maximum loan amount: 10b (I want to have at least 5 different test runs);
  • Minimum duration: One month; and
  • Interest to be paid: 10% per month (so 500mil to borrow 5b for one month).

All loans have to be fully collateralized. This means that, in exchange for my isk, you will contract items worth more than the value of the loan and interest. For example, if you want a loan of 5b, you will contract about 7b in items that you are not using (such as BPOs or ships). Your collateral is refunded when you rendund the full value of your loan.

Join my discord to ask any questions: https://discord.gg/HRZfNF5

Hey very cool to see you go public on this man, I’ve been around the game since beta and if anyone can pull off a public banking system its you.

I can personally vouch that IChooseYou handles his transactions very professionally. You can stop by his discord channel and see all the many people that have invested with him and borrowed from him with no trouble at all. I have personally borrowed from him twice once at 10B for two weeks and another 20B for another two weeks with no problems. All i had to do was just use BPO and other items for collateral I’d have just been holding onto gathering dust in my inventory anyway.

15% for fully collateralized? Yikes

Surprised no one has ever thought about taking uncollateralized isk at 2% and loaning it back out with collateral at 15% before. Marketing genius.

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Down to 10% for the test.

10% for collateralized!?

I’ll do 2.5%.

Edit: I am completely serious, PM me.

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Hahahaha @IChooseYou, greedy bastard. Now that your trading fort in Perimeter got taken over, you’re looking for a new way to make easy isk? Why are people lending isk to IChooseYou with 0% collateral and a 2% return just so he can loan it to someone else at 10% return with collateral? Those people must be dumb… seriously dumb… too much isk but few brain cells.

I’m just glad that the greedy bastard got his forts taken away from him. That’s what you get for raising broker fee… take that!!

Jeez man, things must be going badly for you.

10% collateral is really really high. Some might say high even for uncollateralized, or partiallyl collateralized loans. And yet youre asking for it for fully collateralized loans? Jesus man.

I feel for ya, youre losing your monopoly on citadels near Jita, but this is too much.

This is a final act of desperation.

Hes been making so much isk that hes completely disconnected from the actual state of the market forums and how much he should ask.

Honestly, if i were someone investing isk in him, id pull out now while i have the chance.

Maybe it is less a question of being “disconnected” and more a question of how much I value my isk. I have had multiple people message me in game asking for collateralized loans. This is just the first time that I make a public offering.

If you can’t make 1b in profit with 10b isk over the course of a month, you are not investing seriously, or you are doing something wrong.

Either way, if there are no takers, then so be it. I am not relying on this to feed my family. Just looking to try something new with spare time.

I don’t know about you, but I only lend out isk that would otherwise sit there earning nothing. I obviously expect a higher ROI if I was doing something with it. Are you telling us that all your isk to put to work all the time? Because that’s impressive.

Check out my discord. Yesterday I gave an update to investors telling them that we are currently holding onto over 4 trillion isk in PLEX/MTPC, and that we have made close to 500bil in profit with the investment fund in the last two months. Screenshots were attached.

This new proposed loan has the potential of making me about 5b profit a month. This is pretty insignificant, but I want to try something new.

Sure. And that 1B profit goes straight to you, with a 10% rate.

Incase youre bad at math, that means 0 profit for the person in question.

I think this sentence of yours pretty much sums the problem with such a high rate.

You are just being obtuse (and biased given your alliance’s direction).

If you want to nitpick wording, I should have said make “at least” 1b in profit. Most traders can
make over 30% profit a month. That’s and extra 20% profit in their pocket that they would not have made absent the loan. Maybe look at it from their perspective as opposed to mine.

Also, the idea here is that the loans aren’t necessarily used by traders but by, for example, people who are just missing a little extra isk to buy that extra rorqual and start making hundreds of mil per hour.

I hear that large alliance forums, such as the one operated by goons, has an investment section where a number of people offer loans for 10% returns or more. I don’t see you complaining about their offerings.

Anyways, I feel that you are just trolling everything I will say now.

:Sadface: I am a poor trader.

I think I lose like 30% of my isk every month, it’s a vicious cycle

Any time I see claims like >30% monthly or >10% weekly returns I just laugh. Sure, when your net worth is low it is doable, but if you start with 10b and maintain 35% monthly returns, you’d have over 13t in 2 years, and 492t after 3 years. Maybe I just know the wrong traders, but I know plenty of people that have been at it for a few years and aren’t sitting on anything close to 500t net worth. Just making 10% monthly is enough to more than triple your net worth annually.

Now I’m sure you’ll just say something about how these loans are for those lower net worth people starting out, but you’re requiring >100% collateral so if they want that first 10b they have to have already found a way to make over 10b. If they can increase their networth at 30%+ a month, what illiquid assets are they sitting on that are going to triple in value annually to cover the cost of these loans rather than just fireselling them and trading with the isk?

These loans are for suckers.

With smaller amounts, sure. But youre telling me that you get consistent 20-30% profits every month? On 10 bill investments? 50? 100?

@Elizabeth_Norn Can you confirm this? Do most traders make 20-30% profit a month with 50 bill?

As a member of a large alliance, i can confirm that this rarely ever happens. Most, if not all, that are high amounts and fully collateralized, go from 3-5% at most. 10-50 billion range? 10% with full collateral? Couldnt find a single one.