10bil uncollateralized loan

(Lord Wickham) #1

hi all, i’m looking for a 10bil loan for 3-4months for 2% interest payment. I’m a returning player to eve some of you may recognise me but most will have no clue who i am.

ive done several loans before all on the old forums, this is 1 of them

i search on my name there will pick 2-3 others all repaid no issues. i’d prefer 1 investor to make repayments easier but i’m willing to split 5bil 5bil to 2 investors if its required.

just need this liquid isk to get back into the trading game, once im established i’ll be looking to repay the loan ASAP so i dont have the repayment overheads.

any questions/queries letme know, feel free to convo me in game.

(Solonius Rex) #2

So what happened to the isk you had before?

(Tiddle Jr) #3

Trusted guy, we had some business in the past.

(Lord Wickham) #4

i still have it all, mostly in assets i currently have 4bil liquid, but i had the day off today and 4bil liquid doesnt get me very far. i need more so that i dont have to stop buying/trading because im getting low on isk. things are up in the air at the minute with abyssal and new event starting so yea i just need more isk.

(Lord Wickham) #5

Still looking for an investor or 2

(Rihan Shazih) #6

I would be interested if you an do 4% interest.

(Lord Wickham) #7

i’m considering putting collateral down so i can move this forward a bit quicker, 2% interest with full or spartial collateral whatever the investor wishes

(Xylem Viliana) #8

If you can provide full collateral and Liz norn is able to hold that I will cover full 10b at 2%

Edit: for clarity last time i held collateral myself it took me 2 days to find it in my assets, I kinda hoard stuff.

(Edwin Rothbard) #9

LW is a well-known and longtime regular in the blueprints channel. I’ve always had pleasant and positive interactions with him. This isn’t a vouch, but those are my personal observations.

(Lord Wickham) #10

still looking for the investment, i appreciate the offer xylem, but unless you want to hold the collat yourself i’d rather wait for someone who will hold the collat or invest in me without it.

i have a proven track record of safe loans/bonds my char is 8 years old, i’m not some fresh noob off the block loking to scam anyone.

(Reileen Kawahara) #11

Hi, if you have collateral then I can fill the loan for you. Had dealings with you in the past with faction BPC’s so know you have been around a long time.

Mail me with what collateral you have and we can take from there.


(Styx Saken) #12

If you have full collateral, I’d be happy to lend you 10 B ISK (or more). I have a history of successful loans, I’d be willing to hold the collateral myself, and I’d immediately contract it back to you (so that you can pay back the loan whenever you are ready). My interest rates start at 3%.

If you are interested, please send me an Evepraisal link to the items that you want to use as collateral.

(Reileen Kawahara) #13

I withdraw my offer due to lack of contact, best of luck.

(system) #14

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