3-10bil loan, 1-2 months, 5%, uncol

Looking to inject some cash into my new trading alt (Alexi White) operating in Amarr.

Could take ISK from my main trading activities but would prefer not to. Am willing and able to accommodate up to 10bil but will request 3bil as we are dealing with no collat.

If someone was willing to get nearer the 10bil mark I am happy to increase the interest and guarantee a minimum of a 2 month term.

3 Billion - Rihan Shazih 13th June

I’d like to do the 3 bil. If you have some collat we can go up to 10bil easily.

Ok cool

To use collat would kind of take away from other areas of my market activity so will have to be uncollat im sorry


Got some more info ingame. 3 bil transferred.

Received with thanks, updated OP

Think I’ll leave the remaining 7bil open incase anyone else wants in


3bil put to work

7bil available

Open to more investors

Interest for July paid @Rihan_Shazih

Receipt confirmed. Thanks.

Interest and principal repaid

Receipt confirmed, 300m interests total. Pleasure doing business with you.

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