Need 1.5 bil 10% 1 month *(uncoll)*

Getting this loan for station trading and getting my lp to isk.

just mark my old post as spam. its a sadistic attempt from trying to get a loan.

I will fill this based off @Elizabeth_Norn holding the collateral, and approving its value of at least 1,5b

are u asking for me to give u a loan or u giving me the loan im asking? im getting confused

I will give you a loan if you leave a third party pledge @Elizabeth_Norn

What Do u mean by a Third Party Pledge?

Searched google about third party pledge mean. Yes I assure u i will pay. and will drop a third party pledge.

I assume Jita 4ek means that he wants me to hold some of your assets as collateral for the loan. Perhaps he missed the (uncoll) in your title.

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You’re very unlikely to get 10B uncollat as your first business dealings hear. Similarly to Jita 4ek I’ll lend you whatever you want but you have to have collateral. Your promise is at present not worth 10B, i’m sure you can understand that. Actually as a demonstration, kindly contract me all your assets and I’ll definitely give them back.

… demo.? all of my assets? ok… but they wont reach 1.5 bil

My point is that you have no idea if I would even contract them back to you.

I like how you did the exact same thing that he told you to do.

In any case, i will fill it. Ill need a Full API of your entire account, though. If you have a good record of station trading that spans a month or two, ill send you the ISK.

im still starting and learning to do industry,market trading,mining, im doing these passive incomes. Right now i got 2 thrasher bpo’s fully researched. 3 alts setted up to 2 in jita 1 in amarr for station trading but still not filled with items. though my main does the mining. i have no record of station trading But im starting the hang of it. hope u still fill my loan :3

Okay. So send me everything you have in a contract for zero isk. I will see what you have and go from there.

alrighty mail me up on eve all i have note: the bpo’s are actually bpc’s <3

K, so contract them all to me for zero isk so that i can check for myself

If you need a third party to hold collateral I’m always available. If you choose to have an investor hold the collateral then make sure you do your research on them to ensure you’re not just giving your stuff away. It looks like Solonius is just trying to troll you to be honest. You don’t need to contract stuff to someone for free (giving it away) for them to check the value of the items.

I had a quick look at the Evepraisal and it looks like there’s only ~100m worth of non-BPC items there. You won’t get a 1.5b collateralised loan for that so entertaining people who are demanding collateral is just wasting your time.


pretty much =/ guy could just check the eve praisal… and say it from there was really fishy.

You can enter anything in evepraisal.

Hey, look, i have 100,000 Avatars. I am the richest man in eve!

This is how we feel about you.

We told him, that his loan will not be filled without proper collateral. But his first language doesnt seem to be english, and he doesnt seem to understand.

So what else is there to do, than to show him why we dont trust him, but to ask him to contract all his assets to us for 0 isk? I mean, he hit it on the mark, he feels like this is fishy, i.e. he has his suspicions that this is a scam. Well, thats how we feel about him.

Im glad he finally realizes how we feel about him.