Uncollateralized 1-3 billion loan for market trading. 2% per day

Hey guys!

Looking for uncollateralized 1-3 billion loan for market activities until 19.05.2019, will pay 2% per day compounded interest.

Started playing EVE a long time ago with trial accounts, never played seriously for any long period of time. Recently got interested again, especially looking to spend my time trading for the foreseeable future.

I have about 2.3 billion in assets which I am using for market investing. Mostly doing 0.01 isk warrior stuff and grinding it out, seems to be working fine.
Thought it would be beneficial for me to take a small loan, especially in the beginning of my market career in order to build my wealth faster.
Obviously this probably seems sketchy given the lack of collateral (and lack of history), but it would not be smart for me to offer that right now. This is a long shot I know. :slight_smile:

Message or ask questions here/in-game if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

Just spam this in Jita local: “Send me your ISK and I’ll send you it back plus 2%”


Is there a reason why you cant start with that 2.3 billion in assets and make a profit from there? Why do you need the 1-3 billion isk? You essentially have 2.3 billion isk to start off with.

50 million is small.

100 million is small.

1-3 billion isnt small.

Yup. As sketchy as me asking you for the 2.3 billion in assets with a promise that i will double it and return it to you in a couple days time.

You wouldnt say yes to that, would you?

Hey, I completely agree with you. I don’t need the loan, it would just increase my profits and make the wealth generation faster. I don’t have a good grasp on numbers in eve because of lack of experience, you are probably right about the size of the loan.

I purchased time for my account around a week ago. At that time I had 100m liquid from small amounts of highsec mining + 200m other stuff (naga, drake, retriever and zephyr). Did some exploration and hauling between trade hubs. Started trading with 500m about 5 days ago.

Obviously would not say yes to that. Maybe someone else could. I would be surprised if I get the loan, as I said this is a long shot : )

Wanna use that inventory as collateral?

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