1.5b uncollaterized loan 1 month 10%

(WealtH ImmigranT) #1

Wasnt playing for a while and now need some investment to start isk making
I have small loan history https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/topic/522256/ was paid fully and fast

Resubbed all my accounts and occasionally wasted some iskies.
Im doing lvl5 missions so i will give back loan shortly.

Well, i have only carrier and zero market orders/assets so cant do a collateral. If any1 interested, feel free to convo me.

(James Zealot) #2

I’ll fill this.

(WealtH ImmigranT) #3

So i said i have collateral for 1 month https://evepraisal.com/a/e57l6
Or ill do 1-2 week uncollaterized, sent you evemail

(James Zealot) #4

I’m going to give you a $1.5B uncollateralized loan with 10% interest and payback of $1.65B due by 1 Jan 2018.

(WealtH ImmigranT) #5

Accepted uncollaterized offer.
I will return 1.65b at 1Jan or earlier to James Zealot

Isk recieved!

(Bank McBanks) #6

I’m glad your alt filled your loan :grin:

(James Zealot) #7

I’m no alt to that guy lol. There are reputable people on here who know me. I’m just starting out in giving out loans.

(system) #8

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