Seeking Uncollateralized Loan for 1 month

(Gryphon Infinite) #1

Seeking Uncollateralized Loan for 1 month ; of a couple Billion Isk on a fair percentage. I would like to start small and earn a good Reputation here of a factual lending history and good fellow MD player.

(CistaCista) #2

Investors respond most positively to people that have a clear presentation of what they need the money for, a clear plan for amount, dividend size and duration.
When you mention reputation as a reason for wanting a loan, it has the precise opposite effect.

(Brock Khans) #3

Exactly what first post said.

  • exactly how much you want to loan
  • return % (look over other loan posts in this forum for ideas)
  • term of loan
  • General plan for use of loan (don’t be too specific here, don’t want to give away the secret sauce).

Seeing how its your first time borrowing, even for only a couple bil, it could prove difficult to get one uncollateralized. At the very least you are going to have to provide some API’s for someone to investigate.

(Art Vandolay) #4

What’s the business plan, and how much do you expect to make?

What is your current net worth, all assets plus liquid ISK?

When you say you would like to have a good repurtation, why? So you can borrow more ISK in the future?

(Gryphon Infinite) #5

Hey there, I +1’d both of you, thank you both for the serious replies and on topic, aka not hate or derailing.

I totally agree of I DO not expect someone to loan me 5 or 10 billion. I am not dumb and I think you can agree I am not stupid of expecting that. I guess to rephrase i was looking for advice for a budding borrower of how to get started, and I appreciate your guys’ help so far.

I wanted to start a small and slow process of through merit and hardwork of earning MD people’s respect.

(Art Vandolay) #6

I’d like to chat with you in game and come up with a good financial direction with you.

Tomorrow night?

(Gryphon Infinite) #7

Yes sounds great, funny thing is I am off tomorrow too.

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