Uncollateralised 1b @ 10% interest loan request (1 month)

Greetings everyone,

I run a mining and industrial corp (CEO alt, EV A) and I’m looking to make my first loan request for 1 billion isk, uncollateralised. With a duration of up to 1 month (sooner depending on the market activity) at a 5% interest rate for the agreed amount.

Loan: 1 Billion ISK
Collateral: None
Interest: 10%
Period: 1 Month


The reason for this loan request is because currently all liquid capital is currently tied up in our current stockpile of products in Jita. Your cash injection will be used to maintain our materials/ore income supplied by our members and used in our corp industrial jobs.

It should be possible to return this investment back relatively quickly as currently 10bill worth of stock has been produced and placed on the market.

Anyone interested in filling this loan request that requires more information about our corp please contact my alt EV A in game.

**** edit ****
any offers please post below
offer revised from 5% to 10%

Thank you

ya dont have 20 bucks?

its not an investment for me (not worth the bother) however I have been in a similar situation years ago so I understand the difficulty, used to run a similar corp YEARS ago. And I can honestly say when I ran into this issue it wasnt a case of not having RL money, more a case of im already spending more time on corp management and supply running that im not going to put the RL money into it.

@Edenfalls hopefully someone fills this for you or the market orders sell fast, and try to put a little cash in a reserve of the corp wallet or whatever, A bit of an “oh crap i misjudged that” fund even 5-10% of the profits per trade trip and you should avoid this in future, the corp I ran I did the same thing, cause a couple of days of no production but after that it went very smoothly and that reserve wallet ended up with about 25b in it which for a casual corp with about 10 acive members wasnt bad.

Hi, thanks for your posts guys - Yes I would like to avoid having to put RL money into if possible, but if needs must then I will.

However I do understand that from an investment perspective 5% might not seem to of an attractive offer. I do expect we can turn this investment around much, much sooner than 1 month however to be more appealing to investors I will revise this to 10% interest on the basis that 5% for an uncollateralised loan maybe to low in terms of risk and rewards.

There is no “EV A” in-game.

Hi Lily Inkura, just for public record this is my alt EV A

currently at work atm will respond this evening to further posts

I’m feeling bored with isk, I’ll send you 1b to fill this loan. Confirm and I’ll log on and send it.

I accept your offer, I’m currently at work so I can’t log into the game yet until this evening. But if you would like to continue, could please send the amount to EV A and I will confirm receipt of this loan once I’m back home tonight. Thank you

Isk sent

Ok thank you I will confirm receipt tonight ASAP

Sorry for the wait Brock, Confirmed i’ve received the isk

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the 1 bill isk loan returned to Brock Khans with the agreed 10% interest rate. totaling 1,100,000,000 isk (1.1 bill)

Thank you again Brock Khans for your help

Confirmed receipt of the email he sent me through the fancy new eve app, and checking the other eve app I see the wallett entry,


I’ll take a billion, when do I have to pay you the interest though and how much?

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