100 Million Uncollat Loan @ 10% 1 Week Duration

(blake m miron) #1

Hello MD Forum,

Seeking a Lender for 100 Million Uncollateralized Loan @ 10% interest for a 1 Week Duration

Would like to be more known on here among other players and make connections, instead of being a nobody or lurker.

Uncollateralised Loan for period of 3months,
(Keno Skir) #2

I’ll fund that for sh*ts and giggles. I’ll be home in approx 3hrs from time stamp of this message.

(Keno Skir) #3

Sorry for delay. Have transfered 100 Million at 10% for 1 week. ISK sent to @Blake_M_Miron

(blake m miron) #4

Thanks a lot @Keno_Skir and for your trust and faith, I was able to use that last bit of capital needed from you to do mining Op. I just repaid you now 110 million promised from my main character @Gryphon_Infinite.

(Keno Skir) #5

Confirming repayment. Suggest using your main here in future.

(blake m miron) #6

@Keno_Skir Thank you but I cannot do that lol! My main toon got banned from the Eve Online forums for saying “Fire CCP Mintchip and Fozzie!!!”

(Tiddle Jr) #7

U just did that again… :shushing_face:

(Keno Skir) #8


(blake m miron) #9

Offer still stands guys! Already finished first one with Investor and available for 100 mill or higher.

(sally Deninard) #10

You should use this as your sig :joy:

(Chris Shattersky) #11

I can consider financing you if you would like. Interest? Time period?

(blake m miron) #12

Hello sir, sorry had back to back work shifts. 5% for 1 week?

(Chris Shattersky) #13

Seems fair to me. Coincidentally I’ll be unable to send the money until sometime the night of Sunday. To blake m miron?

1 week is a very short term, if you’re actually able to deliver on that and this is not a scam, I would be impressed

(Keno Skir) #14

He’s building rep so it’s probably fairly safe for now.

(system) #15

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