(EDITED) Requesting 2b uncollateralized loan

(Phantom Bantam) #1

I have been asking around for a loan, and I was directed to post on this forum, so sorry if I mess something up here somehow because I’m quite new to this forum (although I have looked at a couple of other loan requests).

How much: 2 Billion

Interest: 15% Monthy

How long: 1 Month

Why: I’ve got a few business plans that I would like to pursue, the main one being interregional trading. Right now I make a little bit of money, but with this investment I can really boost my business and get a good head start.

Payout: 1 Month.

Start: One day after successful transfer

Hit me up on discord here if you want: everfeel#1488
I should respond ASAP but if I don’t within a day/you cant contact me here, send me an evemail and i should get back to you

EDIT: I have lowered my requested amount to 2 billion, as there has been a change in circumstances.
EDIT 2: Changed start day to something that made more sense

(Solonius Rex) #2

Change in circumstance:

People are not biting, must lower isk amount to increase chance for scamming.

(Phantom Bantam) #3

Sorry pal, but not the case. One of my friends was kind enough to give me a loan that was a little over a billion, and I decided to cut down the price here because A: I don’t think I will need as much anymore and B: I think 5 billion might be too scary for most people. If everyone yelled “SCAM” at every potential investment in EVE nothing would get done.

(Solonius Rex) #4

Thankfully, people yell “COLLATERAL” and “HISTORY” alot too so a lot of things end up getting done.

(Tiddle Jr) #5

Discord ref. is not searchable, or I do it wrongly?

(Phantom Bantam) #6

I think you did it wrongly, but just in case there is some weird wizardry going on I’ll paste it again: everfeel#1488
If that doesn’t work then you can evemail me and I’ll reply soon

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