(EDITED) Requesting 2b uncollateralized loan

I have been asking around for a loan, and I was directed to post on this forum, so sorry if I mess something up here somehow because I’m quite new to this forum (although I have looked at a couple of other loan requests).

How much: 2 Billion

Interest: 15% Monthy

How long: 1 Month

Why: I’ve got a few business plans that I would like to pursue, the main one being interregional trading. Right now I make a little bit of money, but with this investment I can really boost my business and get a good head start.

Payout: 1 Month.

Start: One day after successful transfer

Hit me up on discord here if you want: everfeel#1488
I should respond ASAP but if I don’t within a day/you cant contact me here, send me an evemail and i should get back to you

EDIT: I have lowered my requested amount to 2 billion, as there has been a change in circumstances.
EDIT 2: Changed start day to something that made more sense

Change in circumstance:

People are not biting, must lower isk amount to increase chance for scamming.

Sorry pal, but not the case. One of my friends was kind enough to give me a loan that was a little over a billion, and I decided to cut down the price here because A: I don’t think I will need as much anymore and B: I think 5 billion might be too scary for most people. If everyone yelled “SCAM” at every potential investment in EVE nothing would get done.

Thankfully, people yell “COLLATERAL” and “HISTORY” alot too so a lot of things end up getting done.

Discord ref. is not searchable, or I do it wrongly?

I think you did it wrongly, but just in case there is some weird wizardry going on I’ll paste it again: everfeel#1488
If that doesn’t work then you can evemail me and I’ll reply soon

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