Uncollateralize 2.5b loan

Amount: 2.5b

Interest: 10% Monthly

Duration: 1 month, however this can be extended if we reach a mutual decision.

Purpose: I plan on using this to kick start my regional trading career on my new character, which should pay for itself in a timely manner. Also I would like to have a paid off loan under my belt, so if I need to take another for whatever reason in the future I can have some sort of proof.

Cash out: At our agreed date.

Start date: Saturday 19th May 2018

Current shareholders:

These terms aren’t set in stone and we can renegotiate them if you would like. If you would like to ask a question or negotiate alternative terms, please hit me up on discord (dgterminal#7522). If you don’t have discord or don’t want to use it, you can message me over steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/smokingcigsintheshower/). I should be able to respond immediately if I am online, but if I’m not go ahead and message me and I’ll read it when I’m awake/sober/done fighting the demons in my closet.

EDIT: Formatting

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April :thinking:

Lol sorry about that, I copied this format from somewhere else and missed that like a dumbass :roll_eyes: it should be fixed now though. My first time doing this sort of thing

I will take a chance on this.

2.5B sent.

See you 6/18/18

Payment received, see ya in a month.

Loan has not been repaid as of 6/19/2018. I will attempt to reach by in game mail.

U bin scammt boi. He gon com hear N’ sai “GET FUKT”.

The risk I take it’s only 2.5b no biggy.

Hard to post when your character’s been biomassed.

Big surprise. Character created on may 11 2018, a week later he posts this thread.

Why anyone would fall for something like this is beyond me.

There are still a thousand better things to spend 2.5 bill on than on a clearly scammy investment.

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