2 billion uncollateralized loan

(FC Wiggin) #1

I’m looking to do some market seeding and need some capital my strategy involves seeding key items in Alliance doctrines that always seem to run out just before the big fights. I need the money for a month in order to get set up. I also have access to some other similar markets and have been looking up what needs seeding. I’m a bit poor and new so I don’t have anyone to vouch for my good will I’m willing to negotiate some attractive rates to compensate the risk. I look forward to a profitable relationship with this forum.

(Tactical Logi Bro) #2

@FC_Wiggin I will loan you the money at no interest (if you are scamming this is peanuts so I don’t really care) I made my first 500 billion doing just that and helping out newbros is what makes rich bittervets login so if you are willing I will lend it to you.

(FC Wiggin) #3

Can you transfer the isk? I will make you proud of me senpai!

(Bank McBanks) #4

Hilarious, you just burned 2 alts.

(Zahara Cody) #5

I’d never lend myself isk.

(CistaCista) #7

What the…
The guy made his first 500 bn - so from when he had 0 - by giving people loans without interest. That is a fascinating read I must say.

(Solonius Rex) #8

Yeah a 30 day old pandemic horde player who made 500 billion is lending 2 bill to a 40 day old pandemic horde player.

Makes sense. Completely believable.

And then in a months time, will we see you back again saying “Need 4 bill uncollaterialzed, Here is proof i paid back last loan”.

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