Uncollateralized 50b loan

I have no history and no collateral but i’m asking for 50 billion @ 4% interest, if you call me out for scamming i’ll try to get your posts removed. I am 100% legitimate because I said so, and there if you don’t trust me then obviously you have been scarred from previous scams and you just won’t give the new guy a chance.

What kind of business are you starting with 50b?

Payed back over how long?

P.S. Also you can be banned for scamming on the fourms so we don’t have to worry that this is a scam post :], in game is the only place where scams are fine.

Predictions: PI farmer1 delete’s post, Joking :stuck_out_tongue:


@Makshima_Shogo, the only forum that expressedly forbids scamming is the Character Bazaar.

its a scam… lol


No guys, why won’t you just trust me? I’m telling you i’ll definitely pay the loan back at 5%, isn’t there enough trust to go around? If you don’t want to g̶e̶t̶ ̶s̶c̶a̶m̶m̶e̶d̶ give me a loan then i don’t need your isk anyways

It’s an investment or smth, maybe skillpoint farms?

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Soon to be closed :stuck_out_tongue:

You pay me 50 bill and I’ll give ya 4% a month… Deal?

This is a joke xD ? your even forgetting your numbers lol…

You don’t seem very true to your word. P.S. why would an admin/csm waste their time blocking people calling you a scammer xD it seems pretty obvious by now.

You made 3 mistakes here, No collateral, no trusted 3rd party and you start with such a high number? Even though we have to put 100% blind faith in a complete stranger, really? Start small build trust, before you ask something like this.

Thanks I didn’t realize that.

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No, no. This is 100% not a joke. I DEFINITELY want a 40 billion loan without collateral and history. Obviously, there’s no reason why nobody would give me a loan right? That’s why there’s so many people on MD asxking for the same damn thing right?

This isn’t at all like the five or so other s̶c̶a̶m̶s̶ legitimate business models currently on market discussion. Not calling anyone out or anything though.

check your wallet :^)

Wasn’t it 50 how come its 40 now xD

If you want to make a pledge that if you don’t pay back the loan if it is a scam then CCP is allowed to transfer all your characters from you IP Address to the account’s that lent you the money and someone will loan you 40-50 bil :]

How scary! Good thing this is definitely not a scam then!

OK so it’s good to see the craziness of MD hasn’t changed.

Equally glad to hear that it’s not a scam. I would hate for someone to lose all their isk. :open_mouth:

You should ask @temijin then. He just gave out 10 bill for nothing. Maybe he will send you like a couple bill too? After all, he can afford to lose it.

Great idea! @Temijin wanna invest in my loan too? After all “Collateral typically involves loans and not investments. [REDACTED} is an investment and not a loan”, means that I don’t need to provide collateral since this is a investment not a loan right?

Not about the topic, sorry, but you can be banned for scamming on the forums? I have been slammed once on here

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