Looking for uncollaterlized loan of 30b

I understand how this works and that it is normal to require collateral in the amount of 100-110%. However, seeing as I cannot manage that at the moment, I am asking for someone to take a chance in me… see what I did there?

Anyways, bad puns aside, if you have an offer please post below. I am willing to pay higher interest. Loan term to be decided between investor and I.

Link to skill board. I’m not a new character, just came back from a long hiatus.

I’m not sure you do.


multiple issues flagging up,

fair amount of ISK no collateral no reputation
first visit to forums 1 month ago
long hiatus and just back
not a “new” character yet still low SP (i would call this kind of SP new still)
concerns over clone too, minor issue but a mix of PvP/PvE and industry would suggest you have no idea what you are doing. Im assuming they are for the freighter, but not many people use a slaved freighter. doesnt matter how much you can tank if you are caught.

For me as a potential investor id not touch this. too many things dont stack up. I may well be wrong and I hope I am but this one certainly isnt for me.

Few words of advice.
Start smaller if no collat. Some will say its a rep grind and in a way it is.
If you can provide collat to cover your smaller amounts then that will help you get an investor and save you some interest too.
Skillboard is meaningless just gives people a look at things the can pick holes in as per my above remark.
Most haulers seem to use ascendancy or Nomad sets last time i payed any attention (speed in warp or agility to get to warp faster)
Putting the person lending you the isk in charge of terms is rarely good. having a potential in mind and being willing to negotiate will help. IE X amount at Z% for Y time with/without collat.

Hope there is something you find useful in this, and apologies for raining on your parade.

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Amount has been filled by a benefactor from my personal contact list. Loan no longer required.

Thanks for your time!

Of course!

Poor non-collateral attempt at a big sum, shot down by multiple people.

Chances plummet for a non-collateral loan.

Zero hour last minute savior, providing a loan.

Seems legit.

People believe what they will.

Suspicious posts are suspicious.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

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I have no interest in becoming a keyboard warrior on the Forums, especially for someone who seems to take them so seriously.

Whether you want to believe that I have no ill intentions or not is your prerogative. The forums are the last place I go to secure funding for my projects for the exact reason that all people want to do is think the worst and start an argument.

Regardless, I have what I need and that is that. Fly safe!

Keyboard warrior? What?

All you had to do was either not respond, in other words, say nothing, or admit it was a scam and move on. No one said you had to write out anything.

This is true for scammers, too. Usually the forums is the last place they visit, they often try their luck in Jita or the recruitment channels first.

Again, k. As i said before, just seems super duper suspicious, that after you post, and it was clear that no one was filling it, and people were poking holes in your argument, that you suddenly found someone to fill it.

Would like pledge 20b

and i would like to pledge 60 bil :rofl:

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