Looking for 9b Uncollateralized Loan for 2 Months

Hello, i was looking for a Loan.

Amount: 9b
Interest: 5% / Month
Duration: 2 Months

I have Found a way for me to get a good isk reward on everyday, but i need a bit of ISK to Invest in Large Skill Injectors.


great idea for a scam im going to try this, a free 9b, beats scamming people in jita chat

free ? i pay a 500 mil for the loan.

Yeah pay 500 mill for 9 bill. Totally not a scam. How can it be? You are getting 500 mill in return!

After all, 500 mill == 9 bill. So that should be enough collateral for the 9 bill.

Im bad at math, but i think thats correct.

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if everyone yells “its a scam” we can close this forum.

You’ve made it in wrong format and presentation.

Learn from other successfully managed loans on same forum.


Thankfully, people also yell “Heres my collateral” and “ive got a long history of successful loans”, so this forum stays open.

thanks, updates.

give more details of your plan and offer collateral and i might be interested.

why would you give someone 9 billion to only make 500 million, i must be missing something here???

ok if ur serious then im interested but you need to have a well thought of idea and plan pm me then

@Iedan @Menudencia_Muchalengua Ingame mail send.

can be close. investor found

K. Mysterious investor found. Suddenly, history for your next loan.

iam not Mysterious but thanks.

21 posts, k.

Where is the problem?

The OP and the investor have both made some coincidentally similar, and interesting, grammar mistakes.

This entire thing smells like a scam that has the OP come back in a few months saying “Hey, look, i did a successful loan back in the day, so im trustworthy!”

I.e. you two look like you are in cahoots, trying to build up a history.

Just a general question after reading this: what would be a reasonable case for someone to take a loan unless it is a scam?

I mean, why would one share details about a great business opportunity with anyone in exchange for some lousy ISK? Here it makes even less sense, because if someone can’t come up with 9 Bil, they should probably do ratting or something like that.

i dont know the Thread Opener, but i think i give him / her a chance and so i send him the isk. its my first loan that i make. so i dont have experience with that.