Looking for 9b Uncollateralized Loan for 2 Months

(Madeleine Giovanni) #1

Hello, i was looking for a Loan.

Amount: 9b
Interest: 5% / Month
Duration: 2 Months

I have Found a way for me to get a good isk reward on everyday, but i need a bit of ISK to Invest in Large Skill Injectors.


(Menudencia Muchalengua) #2

great idea for a scam im going to try this, a free 9b, beats scamming people in jita chat

(Madeleine Giovanni) #3

free ? i pay a 500 mil for the loan.

(Solonius Rex) #4

Yeah pay 500 mill for 9 bill. Totally not a scam. How can it be? You are getting 500 mill in return!

After all, 500 mill == 9 bill. So that should be enough collateral for the 9 bill.

Im bad at math, but i think thats correct.

(Madeleine Giovanni) #5

if everyone yells “its a scam” we can close this forum.

(Tiddle Jr) #6

You’ve made it in wrong format and presentation.

Learn from other successfully managed loans on same forum.

(Solonius Rex) #7


Thankfully, people also yell “Heres my collateral” and “ive got a long history of successful loans”, so this forum stays open.

(Madeleine Giovanni) #8

thanks, updates.

(Iedan) #9

give more details of your plan and offer collateral and i might be interested.

(Menudencia Muchalengua) #10

why would you give someone 9 billion to only make 500 million, i must be missing something here???

ok if ur serious then im interested but you need to have a well thought of idea and plan pm me then

(Madeleine Giovanni) #11

@Iedan @Menudencia_Muchalengua Ingame mail send.

(Madeleine Giovanni) #12

can be close. investor found

(Solonius Rex) #13

K. Mysterious investor found. Suddenly, history for your next loan.

(Vale Koenig) #14

iam not Mysterious but thanks.

(Solonius Rex) #15

21 posts, k.

(Vale Koenig) #16

Where is the problem?

(Elizabeth Norn) #17

The OP and the investor have both made some coincidentally similar, and interesting, grammar mistakes.

(Solonius Rex) #18

This entire thing smells like a scam that has the OP come back in a few months saying “Hey, look, i did a successful loan back in the day, so im trustworthy!”

I.e. you two look like you are in cahoots, trying to build up a history.

(zluq zabaa) #19

Just a general question after reading this: what would be a reasonable case for someone to take a loan unless it is a scam?

I mean, why would one share details about a great business opportunity with anyone in exchange for some lousy ISK? Here it makes even less sense, because if someone can’t come up with 9 Bil, they should probably do ratting or something like that.

(Vale Koenig) #20

i dont know the Thread Opener, but i think i give him / her a chance and so i send him the isk. its my first loan that i make. so i dont have experience with that.