9B loan - 2.5% interest with collateral


i am looking for up to 9B as a loan to cover a new project.
As collateral i can offer some of my items in jita [https://evepraisal.com/a/kszmk]

I would like the have the loan for 3 Months for now.

I’m interested, however boosters are always a risky collateral as they swing hard during the events that start dropping them . Do you have any other collateral to swap out with the boosters?

Hi there Brock,

Yes, in fact I do. but, they’re not in Jita “yet”. I have a public contract to move it up.

does this look any better to you?

Thats more solid collateral, but the value is also low. Think about this from the Lenders perspective, if the Lendee decides to bolt and I now have to sell the collateral to get my isk back, something that is tetering on the value of my loan means I risk losing money even though it was collateralized.

I personally would prefer to see that loot + some (doesn’t have to be all) of the boosters, as I base my collateral evaluation mostly off the Buy value of it.

HOwever, I’m not the only lender here, so don’t feel like you have to jump through hoops just for me.

yeah, that sounds perfectly fine to me. I think I misread the Jita buy value. Does this look more reasonable to you?
if it is. We might have a deal.


Yeah I’d happily fill this loan for 2.5%, I’m happy using @Elizabeth_Norn to hold the collateral, or you can contract it to me for 9b

I don’t think a 3rd party is necessary. All I have to do is a regular contract to you with the loan value, correct?

as for interest, do you want to receive it every month or would rather take it all at the end of the 3 months?

Correct, contract all the collateral, and you request 9b. I prefer interest monthly (same day every month) generally the day that the contract is acceppted. So if thats today, you’d pay interest on Feb 14th

Contract is up. Rgr on the interest. I’ll try to follow that as much as I can, in case I have any away time I’ll try and pay early.

EDIT: Contract is up with a different character, Paula TX. in case it has to be the same character, I’ll gladly transfer stuff around.

For legitimacy sake, please do it from the character you are making these posts from please

Sorry about that. It’s now up with the correct character.

Accepted, see you on 2/14/19

interest payment sent.

1 out of 3.

I’m glad one of us remembered about this :wink:


lol. don’t worry. I won’t forget about.

Thanks again for the loan, see ya on 3/14/19.

interest payment sent.

2 out of 3.

Sorry for the delay, had some RL issues yesterday.


Ready for the return of collateral?

Hi there bro. I’m sorry I’m a bit late with this. Please go ahead and contract it to me with this month’s interest.

Contract up!