100B Loan 2.5% interest month

I know this is quite a bit more than I’ve borrowed before so I’m not sure how it’ll go, but I’ve found an opportunity and I’d like to take advantage of it as much as I can. so with your help i can for fill my task.

Bond Terms:-

Price per bond: 1b ISK.
Bonds available: 100 remaining.
Interest: 2.5% per 30 days.
Length: Minimum of two months, possibly lasting up to nine.
Collateral: (1) Titian and (2) Supers
Start date: As soon as I confirm then you can send the ISK to this character and I’ll make a note of your name, the date and the amount.

Either mail me or post here stating how much you’d like to reserve.

Feel free to ask any questions you have here

Joined a week ago, no history and no collateral. I suggest either offering collateral or finding some other way of making isk

how much collateral?

Usually 110% ish, so about one titan+2-3 supers (110b)

1 titian and 2 supers

if you can offer that much collateral, i would talk to @Elizabeth_Norn, you usually want a trusted third party to hold your collateral rather than giving it directly to whoever’s giving you the loan. Otherwise, the person giving the loan might just run off with your collateral

yeh i thought that could happen so i was going to ask for 25% first then giving him the collateral

that sounds like a scam, why wouldn’t you just give the collateral in exchange for isk directly? in a contract

nobody ever gives something without receiving something in return

no but carnt you do a contract for the items he gives the loan and you give him to collateral

no, why would anyone do it in two contracts? just do it in a single contract, isk for collateral pure and simple

yeh ok 1 contract

Again, if you seriously want a loan go talk to @Elizabeth_Norn about holding collateral or if you trust whomever is giving you the loan to hold your collateral talk it out with them. Also, if you’re willing to offer collateral i would update the original post

I’m pretty sure Dead Shot Benny is a fan of mine.

Do you actually have a titan and two supercarriers to put up as collateral?

yes but i mite try and get 1 more titian then put up a higher bond

1 Titan and 2 Supers isn’t really close to 100b anyway.

if you can offer full collateral I will fill this bond. feel free to contract the collateral to me for the full amount and I shall review.

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