[600 bil open] Fully collateralised 800 billion isk bond @ 1.5%/month

Collateral will be in the form of:

PLEX products [300 billion]

3rd Party - Elizabeth Norn
Duration - 12 months minimum




Lord Hook - 200 bil - 7/23/2018

Lol, it’s the montly joke loan request :parrotmustache:

Collateral is contracted to Norn.

Confirming that I’m holding the above. If you want to invest then state the amount in a post here, wait for Zahara to confirm, then you can send him your ISK.

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I’ll be up for 200, and @NightFox_Avedon will shout me another 180 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Lord_Hook you are confirmed for 200 bil…

2.3/2.5 tril remaining.

Isk sent

I will give this one week… if no further investments are made then this will be reduced to a 200 bil bond and I will recover all but 250 bil in collateral.



Zahara has decided to stop taking any more ISK so I’ll be returning all but 250b ISK worth of the collateral to him now.

First interest payment made @Lord_Hook @Elizabeth_Norn

Received with thanks, …

Looking to expand this loan by 600 billion at 1.5%… collateral will be AT ships held by Elizabeth norn…

Still looking for investors… 600 bill available… (will contract to norn once I have confirmed committed investors @1.5%


I liked your old portrait

I like isk. Any time I can turn a 29 billion isk investment into 300 billion isk, well, I can’t say no to that.

Would you be happy for me to hold Collateral?


No problemo!

If you change your mind, Ive got 300b+ to invest.

Do we know how much EN currently holds in total on behalf of others?