50b Collateralized 2%, 5 Months

(Cor'El Dahken) #1

Collateral has been valued at approx 55b and contracted to @Elizabeth_Norn

Looking to borrow 50b offering 2% per month.
Hoping to wind it up around the end of the year.

Brock Khans - 10b
Rihan Shazih - 5b
Xylem Viliana - 20b
Keno Skir - 15b

Interest will be paid on/close to 25th of each month.

(Brock Khans) #2

I’ll reserve 10b

(Rihan Shazih) #3

I’ll reserve 5b

(Lord Hook) #4

I’ll fill the rest

(Elizabeth Norn) #5

Confirming I’m holding collateral worth at least 55b. Feel free to send your ISK to Cor’El at your convenience.

(Cor'El Dahken) #6

Thanks Norn.
@Brock_Khans, @Lord_Hook, @Rihan_Shazih Feel free to send the isk whenever you are available to this character please.

(Brock Khans) #7

10b sent to Cor’el

(Rihan Shazih) #8

5 bil sent

(Lord Hook) #9

Sorry I’m not around for a few days so if someone wants to take my bit feel free

(Cor'El Dahken) #10

Not in any rush.
Whenever you get the chance.

Confirming receipt of the other 15b from Brock and Rihan.

(Xylem Viliana) #11

If Lord Hook doesn’t object I will fill 20b will still leave some open

(Lord Hook) #12

Fine by me, Not sure when I’ll be able to log in

(Xylem Viliana) #13

@Cor_El_Dahken @Elizabeth_Norn this ok with you guys?

(Cor'El Dahken) #14

No problems here.

(Elizabeth Norn) #15

It’s not up to me, but sure.

(Xylem Viliana) #16

thank you.
@Cor_El_Dahken ISK sent

(Cor'El Dahken) #17

Confirm 20b received

(Cor'El Dahken) #18

Due to some ongoing out of game sales cough I am thinking about opening up to 50b total.
This still puts the investment at 10% overcollat, but if any investors or Norn has an issue I can put up some more collateral if required.
@Brock_Khans @Elizabeth_Norn @Xylem_Viliana @Rihan_Shazih

In either case there is currently still 5b unfilled.

(Keno Skir) #19

What’s the collateral? If it’s easy to liquidate I’ll be happy to fill the remaining 5B or 15B depending what you end up doing.

(Xylem Viliana) #20

im easy, dont mind it being expanded.