50b Collateralized 2%, 5 Months

Collateral has been valued at approx 55b and contracted to @Elizabeth_Norn

Looking to borrow 50b offering 2% per month.
Hoping to wind it up around the end of the year.

Brock Khans - 10b
Rihan Shazih - 5b
Xylem Viliana - 20b
Keno Skir - 15b

Interest will be paid on/close to 25th of each month.

I’ll reserve 10b

I’ll reserve 5b

I’ll fill the rest

Confirming I’m holding collateral worth at least 55b. Feel free to send your ISK to Cor’El at your convenience.

Thanks Norn.
@Brock_Khans, @Lord_Hook, @Rihan_Shazih Feel free to send the isk whenever you are available to this character please.

10b sent to Cor’el

5 bil sent

Sorry I’m not around for a few days so if someone wants to take my bit feel free

Not in any rush.
Whenever you get the chance.

Confirming receipt of the other 15b from Brock and Rihan.

If Lord Hook doesn’t object I will fill 20b will still leave some open

Fine by me, Not sure when I’ll be able to log in

@Cor_El_Dahken @Elizabeth_Norn this ok with you guys?

No problems here.

It’s not up to me, but sure.

thank you.
@Cor_El_Dahken ISK sent

Confirm 20b received

Due to some ongoing out of game sales cough I am thinking about opening up to 50b total.
This still puts the investment at 10% overcollat, but if any investors or Norn has an issue I can put up some more collateral if required.
@Brock_Khans @Elizabeth_Norn @Xylem_Viliana @Rihan_Shazih

In either case there is currently still 5b unfilled.

What’s the collateral? If it’s easy to liquidate I’ll be happy to fill the remaining 5B or 15B depending what you end up doing.

im easy, dont mind it being expanded.