Seeking 5b collaterized loan - 2.5% per month - 1 month

I’m a loan virgin but a trader with experience.
I want some more capital to invest in a few markets related to the upcoming patch.
I have 5b in assets I can contract to a thrusted 3rd party (or we can skip the 3rd party if you have a good reputation on the MD forum).

I will fill this based off @Elizabeth_Norn holding the collateral, and approving its value of at least 5b

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Waiting for Elizabeth to read this.
Brock I actually have assets to cover up to 6b, let me know if you’d like to fill for another 1b.

Sure thing, feel free to contract the assets to me.

Assets contracted.
Elizabeth is there a fee for the use of a 3rd party?

I don’t charge any fees.

Confirming I’m holding collateral from Lexia Cassidy worth at least 6b.

@Brock_Khans you can send the ISK now. If you don’t want to fill the 6b then let me know and I’ll fill the rest.

6billion has been sent to @Lexia_Cassidy, See you in a month

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Keep this thread updated, I’m curious how it goes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I received the 6b.
Will pay back the principal + interest before september the 17th.

Lexia accepted the collateral and I’ve passed the principal and interest to @Brock_Khans.

Received. That was rather quick

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Yup, made some nice profit with the patch and I don’t like being in debt. Ty!
Oh and also needed some of that collateral back, hehe.

hmu if you want more collateralized loans in the future.

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