~100b loan collaterized,3%,4 month

good evening

Amount requested: ~100b
Interest: 3%/month
Duration: 3 monts
Collateral: t1/t2/deadspace/faction modules,ships( ~5 capital,3 phoenix,minokawas),nyx hull with t2 trimarks in basgerin,1/5 of collateral located in ignoitton.Other stuff- Aridia,2 stations,1 jump between them

Collateral will be held by enorn,if needed

Is it 2% or 3% your title says 3 your post says 2.

If it’s 3% I’ll tenatively reserve 34b of the 100. Also can we get an evepriasal of the collateral

I will only invest if Enorn holds collateral

it is 3%

May be up for 10-15b but would prefer that I hold the collateral. Enorn has a pretty big bond ongoing.

Okay,thanks,i will send evepraisal soon!

Hi, when the collateral is confirmed and hold, i can be up for 5b.

Not to offend, but other investors should now be trusting you to hold 100b of collateral now?
Thats a no beuno for me, it needs to be a 3rd party so there is no conflict of interest when it comes to a default or you just decide to walk with 100b of collateral having only invested 15b

And why would enorn choose to walk all the sudden with 100b extra, when hes already got like 10x that already taken out/held

I will prepare my assets and then I will add evepraisal,it may take few hours - 1 day

Ill also put up 10-15 bill on the condition that Ledan does not hold the collateral, and that we actually get someone trusted to hold the collateral.

Why the f*ck ledan decided to say “Ill hold the collateral” is beyond me.

Was worth a try…

lost track on who is and who isn’t investing, I’ll fill remaining with enorn holding collateral

I will sort out assets and will add evepraisal for all stuff tomorrow

I’m good for 34b with enorn holding assets assuming its enough to cover the full collateral

Thank you, - 34b is a lot I think for my items,but thanks a lot. I will add eve-praisal after downtime and then I will send a link to you and guys above to check.

Can you sum up investors/collateral holder too please ?

Kind of odd that you put those words in my mouth, obviously I’m only holding collateral for whatever I invest.

I just got home.I am going to sort out things right now :grinning:

I would like to add api key for jeveassets with limited rights but if somebody wants I can write about location and how many items/total sum for them there.Of course,not 100 systems and 1b in every of them,about 3-4 systems and 100b-110b total value of stuff

So many comments of what you have. Could just post it here via evepraisals links and confirm that Liz fine with those to hold as collateral for asking 100bil? Also summarize already confirmed investors and their respectfully proposed bids?

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