450B fully collat loan @ 2.5-3% monthly, filled

Collateral is being held by ENorn and noobs market orders


Lord Hook:
-200bil 11/25 (original investment)
+1.2bil 11/29 (November interest)
+6bil 12/25 (December interest)
+6bil 01/24 (January interest)
+200bil 01/28 (share fully repaid)

Styx Saken:
-50bil 11/25 (original investment)
+0.3bil 11/29 (November interest)
+1.5bil 12/25 (December interest)
+1.5bil 01/24 (January interest)
+50bil 01/28 (share fully repaid)

noobs market orders:
-200bil 12/02 (original investment)
+5bil 12/25 (December interest)
+200bil 12/25 (share fully repaid)

Didnt this used to be a non-collat loan?

It did. I edited it.

Just out of curiosity, why? You will pay double the interest on the 250 bn.

If you can borrow $1,000 at 5% interest and make 20% profit off it, that’s a good deal, is it not?

That doesn’t really answer my question of why you wish to pay interest on the 250b two times each month.

Let’s say I know that a specific AT ship is going to double in price.

I use 250bil to buy 2 AT ships. I use those as collateral for another 250bil in loans.
I use that 250bil to buy 2 more AT ships.

In 3 months, sell the 2 AT ships I have on-hand for 500bil. I then buy back my collateral of 2 AT ships, and also sell them for 500bil.

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Like probag says, he expects the collateral to appreciate in value and isn’t just trying to free up some ISK to trade with.

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Cool, i know a specific Titan is going to triple in price. Maybe we should meet up.

Typically you don’t expect collateral to depreciate. That goes without saying.

Hm. Would there be interest in this loan if I were to raise interest, or is everyone’s isk just tied up?

Proposed interest raised to 3% monthly and minimum investment lowered to 10bil :frowning:

I am filling 50 B of this, at a monthly interest rate of 3% and a duration of 6 months (early repayment possible).

Elizabeth, please let me know (e.g., by posting here) when you have received appropriate collateral.

Edit (for reference): First full interest payment of 1.5 B due January 1, 2018. Principal due June 1, 2018.

I’ll do 200 bil @ 3% pending Elizabeth’s evaluation

I know what the collateral is, if you could send the ISK to me now then I’ll be able to swap it for the collateral when probag gets on.

It covers the 50 and 200?

I went ahead and contracted 250B of collateral to ENorn.

50 B ISK sent to Elizabeth Norn.

200 bil sent to @Elizabeth Norn

It may just be me, but enorn has a big uncollateralised loan going which put me off this. I wont have more than 10b to invest, however.