12.5b collaterized loan for long period

First of all, I don’t have much loan history, only 2 finished in past on old forums and 1 here
Check history for loan here

If I get 12.5b collaterized I will pay 4% monthly for a period max of 10 months
If I get 12.5b partially 50% or uncollaterized I will pay 4b monthly for 4 months period

As collateral I can provide any Cal.Navy LP shops items that you think worth it(Navy ships, Shield Extenders or Drones as most valuable)
For 3200 capboosters we can go only partial collaterized loan, cause that will cost 50% of my future income

I have established some interesting items farm and need to expand it for 1 more account.

Why don’t I sell them and get instant isk - current rates are too low to lose 80% profit in future
What items I’m farming - I can tell you in private chat and link how-to
I don’t have liquid isk to expand by myslef, only few billions on wallet

Why not contact this guy?

Thanks for tip, I’m not ofthen using MD as you see in my history. Ill ty to contact him, but I thought that people could be more interested in my offer and contact me instead.

Thank you, I mentioned it because he will loan you 10-50bil collateralized at 4%

If he doesn’t get back to you let me know and I’ll cover it for 50% collateralized at 4b a month for 4 months.

Answered on your mail, if you accept, we can finalize here.

12.5b sent with 50% collateral for 4 months at 4b a month.

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Sent this message in game after I didn’t hear back; adding it here as well:

If you’re unable to repay this month let me know and I can take it out of your collateral, or we can discuss a different agreement if you like… just let me know.

Bear in mind the OP has probably chosen to walk away with 6bil in profit since it only had 50% collateral on the arrangement.

Could be, it was a risk I took. Considering he was offering full collateral it didnt sound like a scam. Maybe it was my bad for not going with the full collateral but I’ll hold on to hope for a while :slight_smile:

Just making a note here that I’m going to use the rest of the collateral. Never heard back.

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