Partially collaterized loan 20b

Thanks for no offers=)

Question about the Collateral. If you are putting LP as collateral, but that LP is stuck on your character and cannot be transferred, its collateral based off you willing to liquidate it?

And ill earn all isk by myself

So far I have 12mil lp already, with 3 toons I can go 3m lp/day
Still looking for sponsor on 20b isk, will do return payments everyday or weekly(750mil/5.25b) so 20% rate of interest overall in 40 days±

why not buy stuff with the LP and let a third party hold your collateral? Collateral needs to be in a trusted third party’s hands, otherwise there’s no point to it since you arn’t being forced to give up the collateral if you for whatever reason don’t pay out

I should mention that I’m happy to buy (lots) of LP directly, with no effort involved on your end (I manage all the items and the hauling). Hope that may be of interest.

People in MD scared, ez way - grind rep do scam or give loan for stupid 5%

Thanks no need


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