Collateralised loan 3%

Hello all,
The blackout has caused a bit of a depression on capital sales, and I now have more BPCs than I will need for several months to come. I am hoping to leverage some of the BPOs I have to get build a stockpile of materials and hulls for when things pick up again.

I have a bunch of capital BPOs I am offering as collateral, if you evemail me in-game I can link them to you for your evaluation, hopefully we can agree on about 50b value.

Amount: 50b
Duration: 3 months
Interest: 3%


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If @Elizabeth_Norn is willing to 3rd party this and confirms the value of the collateral I can fill this

If Elizabeth is not active at the moment I don’t mind you holding the collateral, as long as we can agree on a reasonable value that doesnt give the other person a good reason to bail on the agreement.

I’d also be happy to fill this if @Elizabeth_Norn confirms the value of the collateral.

I have heard back from Elizabeth, and she has stated that BPOs would be valued at NPC price.
This is a bit lower than I was hoping. I am just rounding up some more BPOs to cover up to the full value.


Sounds good to me. As mentioned, I’d be happy with @Elizabeth_Norn holding the collateral, or to give you an independent valuation and hold the collateral myself. Whatever you prefer.

I am more than happy for you to hold collateral if NPC value is agreeable to you.
Considering that most are close to max research I feel that is a fair valuation.

personally I prefer not to hold collateral myself incase I do dumb, hence why i suggested Liz holding it. Still happy to lend the isk If Liz is happy holding the collat

I have received appropriate collateral from @Ivanka_Olacar in exchange for 32 B ISK at a monthly interest rate of 2.5%. The loan expires on 2020-01-01.

@Ivanka_Olacar I am having difficulties creating the return contract: “No Owner can be found with “ivanka olacar” in the beginning of its name.” Did you delete the character?

Please contact me before 2020-01-01 and let me know how you want to proceed.

Indeed it would seem he is in the Doomheim Corporation.