Looking for 100% collaterized loan 7b 5% monthly rate


If you are interested - post in topic, ill convo you from my hauler alt.

Where is the collateral located?
Why are you not just selling your collateral to get the liquid isk you need?

Actee npc station
About why I need liquid isk - I have like few billions of stuff moving by RFF atm, also few millions of LP I’m currentrly need to convert and few shiny contracts that I need to pay for.

So I’m short on isk and don’t want to sell for buy orders

Considering that the sell value in jita for what you want to use in collateral is extremely close it it’s buy value (~300m difference), would it not be worth liquidating a few billion of that direct to buy orders?

Because maybe it need to be hauled first of all?
Iskies found, topic can be closed, slaughtered some of my other assets

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