Anyone still lending isk?

Curious if anyone is still lending isk these days haven’t seen many posts amongst these forums. If anyone is still lending money generally what terms are people asking for?

Maybe try Jita local?

It’s all collateralized. So unless you have enough physical assets to cover it then you won’t get any

what if i want say 50bil loan and have 25-30bil collateral?

you’ll most likely only get a loan for what collateral you have… since you have 25-30 bil in collateral, you’ll only get a loan for that same amount.

There is no repercussions for you walking away with the isk. So I doubt anyone will loan you for more than collateral

Especially from a character who joined the forums 2 days ago

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I would be happy to offer you a loan if you have collateral. Please see this thread for more information.

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