Who can lend 150mil to me?

I have returned to a game about 1 week ago.Didn’t play since 2014 years,I can’t start play bcz I have 0 isk on my account.I will return isks to you in 3-4 days.I am going to participate in factional warfare.Thanks in advance

do you have any collateral? and what sort of interest are you offering?

frankly for how small the amount you want is, you might be better off just going and begging in jita for it than trying to secure a loan. and then you won’t need to pay anything back.

I’m ready to send you this amount, but i’ll need someting for collateral.

How come all the cool threads pop up when I’m out of town?

I’d send you the 150m

Guys it’s just 150m :smile:


True that, and he has a plan to earn so that’s good. /popcorn mode engaged!