Tbh for me it’s hard to determine if you will be able to return the isk due to you having almost no market posts. Furthermore you are giving a 10% interest in 6 months. This doesn’t really give me any incentive to give you a loan, even less since there is no collateral. I would suggest either upping your interest rate to 5% or more a month or giving collateral.

Edit: since you changed your interest you can ignore this answer

Lol yeah, looked it over and saw my mistake, thanks for the info though. Tbh didn’t know people did loans over here. I spend most of my time on the pve and pvp forums.

Would you be interested at all?

Sorry I’m saving up for a cap char but if you still need a loan in one month I may support you

Yeah, due to the nature of the loan, the amount needed for the loan will reduce as well. Feel free to contact me at any time

I’m not risking 10 Bil but i’ll do 3 bil.

Ill consider filling it, please disclose the reason.

I’ll send an ingame mail when I’m back from work

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