Possible loaner

Hello, How does this work really. I saw this topic and it may be a solution for me. My friend said he will give me a rhea. But he say i need to get atleast 7 bil( not to pay him, but to show him im engagerad enugh in eve.

What would it cost to loan 7 bil?
Whould it be fair enugh to give 1 bil as thank for the help?

Well you’ve certainly got the right mindset for EVE. I’m not sure many will trust you if you’re willing to scam your friend like that though.

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I’d accept your friend’s Rhea as collateral. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont really follow. How is it a scam?

I have items worth atleast 4.8 bil but its kinda all over the place) I could use it as collateral for 1-3 hours while i show him the isk and get the rhea. Anyone want to help out and make a bil? Or What would you want for the help?

You’d think 4.8 bil in assets would be enough to show him you are engaged in the game.

Though, to answer your question of how you get a loan, it’s by not making posts like this. Take some time to read the forums and see how other loan threads are laid out.

Ok Arc. Thank you for telling me. I will read more about this :).
Also yes he probably do, but he is also someone who say stuff like ( I’ll give you an icecream if you run around the house 11 times) haha. So I think he just say stuff, but he’s a nice guy, guess he just wanna have fun.

Ok, iv read some more and I still feel its fair to give a bil isk for a few hours of loan. If anyone is interested in helping out and make a buck, then just tell me. I can hand collateral for half the value if needs be.

What you are asking as far as I can see: if your friend is willing to give you a rhea if you can prove you are engaged in the game. instead of that you want someone to give you the isk bypassing your friends request and all or virtually all the risk is on the person who provides the loan.

+1 for the correct eve mentality
-1 for misleading your friend
-1 for what I would consider a very very high risk venture.

4.8b scattered all over the place to get a 7b loan to get a 10b ship. Most peoples concern is that you basically take the rhea after getting the loan and you basically walk away with a rhea for 4.8b.

Im sure you can see why this would concern a potential investor.

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Ah yes I do. But I read that a few people is taking loans, even without any collaterals, but not sure how that works out tho. I figured if you loan something without collateral you need to pay a lot more/ month. Hence I felt a bil isk is quite a lot and might be ok.

But yes you are right. Might start working my a”” if instead to get the isk. ( but we all look for easyer way to make isk all the time)

I’ll make you a loan for 20% under your total collateral value depending where it is and what it’s made of. The cost would be a lot cheaper than a Billion depending how long you take to make repayments. Nobody is going to loan you 7 Billion ISK for this insanely made up premise unless you give them proper security on their investment.

I suggest you borrow your friends freighter and use that as collateral to take out an 8 Billion ISK loan with me. Use the 8 Billion liquid to turn over a profit, and use the profits to pay me back over time and eventually free up the freighter again. That’s how this works. If you want to talk I can offer a very low rate (with collateral in full).

I asked him and he said no. He said “ don’t get ripped of by people”. And he’s also mad cause I tried get isk this way. ( I said, well you always say” all ways in eve are ok”) but apparently not when he’s involved.

So now I guess no rhea

This thread should be in the running for the best of 2018

Do I win isk…? Cause I would love to show him my wallet and say… well your not so good as you think:)… then he be jealous lol.

True Eve mentality would be if you asked the friend for evidence of Rhea in form of undocking, then called either Bomber Bar or CODE. on him, depending on region.

I mean, by now you’re down one friend anyway, but that way you’d at least have explosions.

I like this community in here. Way nicer than my friends ingame.

Well Sorry to bother anybody or if I affended anyone. I’ll be back in game and put this lending aside it seems.

Anyone else think this was actually an elaborate scam to get the OP to give away all his borrowed ISK to the guy dangling the Rhea in front of him? I feel like maybe Rhea guy is on the blag here.

“Show you really into EvE by having 6 Billion”
“Show trust by giving me the 6 Billion then I show you trust by giving back ISK and Rhea”
“What Rhea? What ISK? Git Gud, HTFU etc”

You think?.. cause he asked me today again if i was still interested in the rhea. I said I could not get my hands on 7 bil. Then he said, well I let you have it for a time for 5 bil. ( against that he can have it back for 5) Should I maby take the offer and just sell it? And just block him for possibly tried to scam me?

I wouldn’t suggest you rob him specifically, rather you shouldn’t blindly trust him either. If he will lend you the rhea for 5 Billion make sure it is done as a contract so he cannot take the ISK without giving you the Rhea. Either way this isn’t talk for Market Discussions. As stated I will loan you whatever you want provided you can supply full collateral. Failing that I don’t think you’re getting an un-secured loan here based on the reception so far.

I am beginning to wonder why you’d even want a Rhea. Jump freighters serve a very specific purpose in EVE, and require a bit of additional logistics to be flown properly. If you can’t afford one yet, you probably shouldn’t be flying one in the first place.

But sure, that’s your call.