Scarlet Trading - 10b Uncollateralized Loan @ 5%


This is my third loan over the course of my career, first loan of this year. It’s a uncollaterized loan as noted by a reason below for a higher than average interest rate due to the higher risk involved. My terms are 10,000,000,000.00 ISK loan over the course of 1 - 3 months duration at 5% interest for each month until end of term.

NOTE: This is a role-playing character using funds for role-playing purposes.


The purpose of the loan is for providing working capital to be used for mostly ship production and other assorted criminal activities.


The reason for the loan is simple. I need more ISK to make ISK faster. I’m hitting a ceiling in the amount of income I have. While I’m being profitable per opportunity, I am having to wait until one opportunity finishes until I can start a new one.

I want to do more at once (e.g.: have more working capital to build more ships per day). This loan will help me expand my operations across my 4 alts and do more orders per day to generate more profit for you.


Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of hard assets left after I liquidated last year before taking a long break. As a role-playing character, I was set out to build a large stockpile of drugs and work with a long-term contract with a pirate outfit in Black Rise.

The point in time of the game was bad. Shadow Cartel and bunch of other low-sec corps, both good and bad, split up including the pirate outfit that was dominating the area. There was a mass exodus and lots of people complaining about low-sec and faction warfare dying or being dominated by one side.

I got caught up in that, liquidated my assets and decided to funnel it all to my 2004 PvP main (Pirate) before taking a break.

Now I’m back, I have relocated to high-sec, re-established my structures and have been running tests all this month as shown in my report below. Most of what’s left is liquid and into my current production opportunities, which has caused me to come here to seek more to expand my already profitable month into something bigger.

Loan History

I have 2 past loans that were successful. The loan terms were for 1b for similar operations of this loan. You find the history of that loan here and here.

Why Me

As this is uncollaterized, I wanted to share some more info than I normally do to not only put your mind at ease, but also why you should consider the risk yourself.

I’ve been in EVE since 2004. I am a veteran player. This character is the trader/indy alt of my main, Famine Aligher’ri. He is one of the oldest pirates still active in the game.

Not A Scam

I’m old enough to know that if I was to scam and burn all of my bridges (and good name), that it likely wouldn’t be for a mere 10 billion ISK loan. Thus, please understand, I am not a new account or someone looking to end his good name for this loan.


Outside of the risk of scamming, having collateral also ensures you get something back in the event the person fails. I could certainly still fail and lose all your ISK. However, I must say, what I am doing is not risky market trading or some super secret thing that no one else knows about other than me.

I’m just building Tech II ships from materials cheap enough for me to turn a profit. That’s it. Nothing too complicated or risky. I just am able to profit more than others due to having max skills in trading, production, refining, and science to make it work better for me.

Out of all my orders, I’ve only had one instance where the ship I built was negative in profitability. That was due to my own human error and factoring in the wrong ME during my ship planning phase. It was a loss of a few million ISK.

Corporation Profitability Report

Here is a report that shows my recent tests and profitability for February. I will keep this updated as I did for my first loan for the duration of the loan for anyone to follow to see how I am progressing.

Tableau Public Report

And for history sake, here is the old report I did for my first loan last year. As well a Item Lost Report I made for Reddit.

Please let me know if there is any questions or feedback.



Posting to confirm that Vile Belief is my alt.

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Loan requests for role playing alts should be done in character.

Please don’t troll my thread. If you have honest feedback, post it.

IChooseYou is a prime example of a loan that is majority uncollateralized and started uncollateralized. People sink billions into that every week with the same level of risk.

Okay, how about this then.

Players, beware, Eve is full of scammers. I can’t say for certain about this guy, but here’s a few things you should consider before deciding to invest.

  1. This guy says that he’s been playing Eve since 2004, yet in all that time he hasn’t met anyone in game who trusts him enough to lend him money? He has to turn to strangers? I’m an introvert who has been playing 5 years, and I probably know 10 people who would lend me a billion isk a piece without collateral, and god knows how many who would contract some of random stuff they have sitting around new eden to let me sell to raise funds.

  2. Whether his previous loans were actually legitimate (or him just using alts to make it look like it) is irrelevant, because a common tactic of scammers is to use smaller amounts of money/risk to help build trust. For example, if you send an isk doubler 10 mil isk to see what happens, he’ll likely double it in the hopes that you’ll send more next time. And once you send a significant amount, that’s when he’ll cut and run.

  3. Reputation means much less in the age of skill injectors. Corp theives, for example, will extract, biomass, and create new toons after major heists. Now, is a 10 bil theft worth extracting his toons? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on how much he’s been training them, and if he’s running any concurrent scams. Like, he might already be scamming multiple people in-game, getting ready to cut and run, and said, “hey, let’s see if I can add 10 bil on top of all of that.”

  4. No collateral means you have no recourse if he is a scammer -there is nothing you can do. And scammers will use all manner of tricks to get you into such a positions. For example, I remember a scam a few years back where a guy bought an AT ship and joined a PvP corp that liked fly expensive prize ships. At the time, they would lend out their AT ships to each other, but only with collateral. Well, one day our scammer decided to lend out his AT ship without collateral. It was a risk, but he did it because he was trying to build trust and change the corp culture to one where people would lend their ships without collateral. Then, when he was ready, he quickly borrowed 2 (or possibly 3) AT ships from different people at the same time, and chunked a deuce at the lot of them.

  5. I did highsec industry my first 18 months or so in the game. When I quit, I was making 500 mil isk profit per day. So if a small fry 18 month industrialist can raise 10 bil in 20 days, this guy should have no problem. And if he can’t, then you probably shouldn’t be lending to him.

  6. During that time, I never once hit a “ceiling” where I needed to take out a loan. Yes, growth was extremely slow starting out as a newbro with no idea what I was doing, but I kept learning and reinvesting my profits, and was able to grow faster and faster as a result. So, this whole ceiling business means one of two things: (1) he’s a bad investment, or (2) it’s a BS excuse he came up with for why he “needs” a loan.

In summation, I may not be able to say for certain this is a scam, but that doesn’t dissuade me from strongly advising against lending large amounts of isk/assets without collateral to anyone in this game, let alone a random stranger with some red flags in his story.

And if you do lend without collateral, don’t lend what you can’t afford to lose.


That’s much better, thank you.

Most of my friends have quit the game. I am mostly a solo PvP’er with my main duel to that. The last corp I was in was mostly newer pilots trying to do piracy who don’t have 10 billion to lend as piracy and PvP in general earns little income. What they do make is spent on losing ships.

For this character, I’m always solo in my own corp. So, don’t really talk to many people outside the bit of RP I do. I am a very introverted character in-game. I’m also a casual player as I work 9-5 now, have a wife and 2 kids.

You can say this about anyone who has posted here. The loans I’ve had were with real people and paid out and full. It would silly to fake all that work and the reports I’ve done for a mere 10 billion ISK loan and then burn any future loans or business deals here. You’re really stretching here man.

The last loan I did was only partially collaterized too when we got down to the true value of what I had to offer. But partial was better than none for sure.

You answered your own question. 10 billion is not worth that burn. This is a old character with history that you can search. This is not a new character skill injected. Maybe if I was new and had no history you could say this. But that’s not me. I’ve posted here, have a long history of posts on both my accounts, and have been active in the out-of-game community for 16 years.

This is true. There is a higher risk here. No denying that. But, I’d be willing to bet your story was for more than 10 billion ISK. IChoseYou for example used his AT ship as part of his collateral too. Valued at I think 150 billion. He used up that collateral in 3 posts. I’m asking for 10 billion uncollaterized where he has over 50 billion uncollaterized where people to this day as still investing without collateral.

Riight. IChooseYou had like over 100 accounts and billions. Still saught help from the community. It’s not that I can’t raise 10b by playing. I am old enough and know a lot about the game to do this. The loan is part of the fun and working together that I think both of us like too. It’s fun doing things like this for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

Well, you’re polite. I’ll give you that.

i will fill any amount u need up to 20b if u have collateral, so feel free to look into taking a smaller loan that can collateralise.

So buy plex? I mean, I work 9 to 5 too, for the most part, and I’d rather work an extra hour and get my 60 bucks and buy plex than beg on the forums for isk.

But I dont see the reason why you can provide collateral for your previous loans but not for this one.

Yes and you can also say the same for every scam that started with a few successful, collateralized loans.

You say that 10 bill isnt a lot to burn a character, and yet, I have a dozen characters that are many years old that I no longer use a lot that I can use in scams and dont care if they are burned. I’ll burn them for a billion isk. 10 bill is definately enough for me to burn any of them.

What??? 2 loans is a lot of work??? Wtf???

I’ve known of people doing months of work to scam people.

Except that the character isnt very well used or active.

With ichooseyou, we knew for a fact that he was the owner of a very, very profitable station. This was an undeniable fact at the time that required zero proof and could not be photoshopped in.

I’m sure it’s also fun to rp as a pirate and steal the 10 billion isk, too. And that is the reason why no one should fill this loan.

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Not going to get into an argument about whether or not im going to burn a serious character for 10 billion ISK or not. You can’t argue that.

If the deal is not for you, then push on. No need to give your 2 cents when you clearly have invested into others with way more ISK with no collateral or proof it will return.

Thanks for your time Solonius.

Can you link the proof that it happened?

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I was referring to him admitting he likely invested in IChooseYou. It’s primarily a uncollaterized loan for those investing. He then goes on to saying it’s a fact that the person behind IChooseYou had a very profitable station. Yet, unless you have hard evidence in hand, you’re assuming it’s profitable. It’s all assumption, not fact and clearly not something in your hand in case it fails to be profitable as there is no collateral.

For example, many people thought Twitter and Facebook were profitable due to how big their social platforms are at one point. They run ads right? They have to be profitable??? Why are investors sinking millions if not profitable???

So, you’re choosing an assumption over hard fact on top of choosing to invest with no real security on your investment. Essentially, that’s how scamming works. Kind of contradicting himself to make a point.

Actually Ive only invested in people who provide collaterals. And it paid off immensely, as demonstrated by my last investment:

And yes, I will give my 2 cents, because i care about other people, and i dont want them to get scammed. I care. Im a nice guy, you see.


That’s totally fine. The only reason you are screaming scam is because there is no collateral. That is not enough to say I’m a scammer. It’s a silly assumption. Plenty of people go into loans every day without collateral even in the real world. I have had many unsecured loans in my time with banks and etc.

This is a bit harder to prove in EVE as I don’t really have a credit history etc that is verified. Hence all the background stories.

I didnt invest in Ichooseyou, i have never invested there. I wrote my reasons up as to why his was more credible than yours.

No, anyone who understands how markets work, and who was actively trading at the time, knows that his station was immensely profitable. It is a fact.

I even took a jab at him when his station was taken down, that his bond was now useless.

No, its not. With facebook or Twitter, the mechanics are not as simple and hard-coded as it is with EVE. In EVE, if you set a station tax to 1%, it is 1%. We are not being fooled by the CEO and being told it is 1% when it actually is 5% without us knowing or easiliy being able to figure it out.

You are comparing reality, which is complex, to a hard-coded video game, which is relatively more simple, and is gaurunteed to play by the rules.

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Thats not the only reason, no.

I dont know why you compare real life with EVE.

In Real life, its harder to change your identity, change your name, change your appearance, and start a brand new life.

In EVE, its simple. The ease to which someone can get away with a scam in EVE is on a different level than in real life. And thats the problem. If you default on your loan to a real life bank, the bank has more recourses in order to get their money back. In EVE, you have no recourse. Zero.

Yeah, so, in other words, the reason we are suspecting this of being a scam, isnt just because there is no collateral. So next time, why dont you try not to be so dishonest by shrugging off our actual, real concerns as simply summed up as “The only reason”.

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Dishonest about what? You have no factual evidence in anything you are saying here. Be different if you actually knew me to say, “Yes, this guy is not saying the truth!”

You’re seriously going off for no reason other than no collateral because you don’t know me. So, seriously, stop trolling the thread.

I’m all for addressing concerns, but not if you’re intentionally trolling by saying stuff like, 'You’re being dishonest!" like you actually know me. It’s like you’re walking up to a red sign and saying it’s blue just because you hate that it’s red (e.g.: doing a loan without collateral for reference to the red sign). Just cause you say it, does not mean the sign is being dishonest about being red. Maybe it’s red, maybe it’s not. But, unless you know for sure, don’t spread misleading info just to derail the thread.

From my reading this, Solonius does not appear to have called this a scam directly at all, infact he has simply raised concerns any potential investor may.
The way that loans with no collateral work generally is from reputation, one which though you have 2 previous loans, you dont have much of. Or the person doesnt really care and decides “meh whatever”
This puts the investor in the position of taking all the risk.

1 thing I am a little surprised by that Solonius didnt pick up on. You are just returning after a long break.
Those returnign from longer breaks have a habit of not returning for long when they realise eve isnt the sparkling gem it once was.

Props for managing to stay quite polite throughout, but look through Solonius’s previous posts in other threads too, he isnt the type to “go off” for no reason. He does usually raise concerns and voice them where others would just skip over the potential investment. Dont take it as an attack on you. In a way he is trying to help investors and you.


Not true, he said “why dont you try not to be so dishonest” in his previous response. Dishonest means to behave in a fraudulent manner, which for me translates into stop trying to scam everyone, like he knows without a doubt, I’m a scammer.

I mean, it’s not rocket science. There is no collateral. That means by default, you’re going to have to make a leap of faith. Anyone who posts here with the same, has to say similar things to help you understand whether or not that leap is worth it. 99% of the threads are the exact same issues in that regard and you can go into any of them and straight up say the exact same thing as, “Well, you said you have had 3 prior loans, BUT those could be fake too you know?”

Yes, we know anything we are saying COULD be lies. I mean, why are you even pointing this out. We know everything anyone could say in a uncollatarized loan could be complete BS to get the ISK… :roll_eyes:

See, this is a legit concern. You’re not saying, “Well this could be a LIE!!!” This is a real concern that I’d be happy to address.

I’ve been in EVE Online since 2004. My main character, “Famine Aligher’ri” who I posted with is my first and main character in this game. You can see from the history I joined in 2004 and have been active since then. That’s almost 16 years of experience of playing.

For this character, which is my secondary account used for hauling, production, and trading for my main, he was created in 2009. That’s almost 11 years of playing for that character. In both cases, extremely long periods of playing that is not going away.

In terms of proof of ownership. I will say something new I didn’t say here. Famine Aligher’ri belongs to a personal corp that I created as a holder corp for when I leave a corp and trying to find a new one. The holder corp is called “V i L e”. You can see it on the corp history. This character name “Vile Belief” is based on that holder corp created by Famine,

In terms of activity, just check zkill and post history. Vile is a bit harder to prove as I don’t really PvP with him, but Famine has long history and post history on both these forums and archive forms. I’ve been active in the community for a very long time from the days of CCP Tomb to CCP Kieron to CCP Wrangler till today.

My video of Vile and Piracy:

I am Famine Aligher’ri of The Pirate Syndicate, former member of DeviancE, Forsaken Empire, M3G4, Force of Evil, and BURN EDEN.

Calling a person dishonest for shrugging off something they deem a concern does not equate to them calling you a scammer.
Fully addressing the concern to the best of your ability (which to your credit it looks like you are trying to do) without being dismissive of concerns, using phrasing like “The only reason you are screaming scam is because there is no collateral.” does not get rid of concerns, it reinforces them.
Your intentions may be honest or not, only you truly know that, and all investors have to go on is what you tell them.
Playing the loan market without a strong reputation is a PR exercise. You need to address the concerns raised without giving away your business plan and without alienating potential investors. The later half of that is not easy as you cannot foresee how what you write will be interpreted.

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