Scarlet Trading - 2b Collateralized Loan @ 2.5%


This is my second loan over the course of my career, first loan of this year. It’s fully collaterized depending on the market value of the current stockpile of (drug) boosters I am building for my empire. My terms are 2,000,000,000.00 ISK loan over the course of 1 - 2 months duration at 2.5% interest at the end of the term.

NOTE: This is a role-playing character using funds for role-playing purposes.

Loan: 2 Billion ISK
Collateral: 98% - 100%
Interest: 2.5%
Period: 30 - 60 Days
Prepayment Penalty: None
Total ISK required to satisfy loan within 30 days: 2,050,000,000.00
Total ISK required to satisfy loan within 60 days: 2,101,250,000.00


The purpose of the loan is for providing working capital to be used for market trading, illegal drug production, and other assorted criminal activities.


The reason for the loan is because I sink all my liquid capital into building the current stockpile of (drug) boosters. This means, any profit from this loan, if I am successful, will go into buying more and more drugs. No, I do not have a habit, I just like making others happy.


The loan will be collateralized by my current stockpile of (drug) boosters. You can find the current public portfolio of this stockpile located on EVE-Mogul.

This stockpile is valued in-game at 2b ISK and around 1.9b ISK via Crest. This is subject to change as the market changes. All items are located in a secure container in Jita, where I will reach out to a trusted third-party @Elizabeth_Norn to hold onto for the duration of this loan.

Loan History

I only have 1 past loan that was successful. The loan terms was for 1b for similar operations of this loan. You find the history of that loan here.

I will fill this if EN confirms value etc.

Edit: Cant transfer isk until 5PM Eve time as I am at work.

Thanks, I have reached out to EN for the audit of the goods and to see if she can hold onto the goods for the duration of the loan. Here is a snapshot of what I will be sending her with values in-game and from EVE-Mogul.

Created: 2019-07-24 21:59:30
Creator: Vile Belief
Current Valued: 1,981,066,140.95 ISK
Creation Valued: 1,559,122,178.84 ISK
Change from Yesterday: -2 %
Change for Week: -7 %
Change for Month: 3 %
Change from Creation: 20 %
Current Crest Value 1,940,709,560.90
24h ISK Change -36,052,998.85 (1,940,709,560.90)
Weekly ISK Change -135,014,368.14 (2,075,723,929.04)
Monthly ISK Change 59,586,064.26 (1,881,123,496.64)
Creation ISK Change 381,587,382.06 (1,559,122,178.84)

Once EN confirms she will be the 3rd party and is in posession of the collateral and confirms the value, I will transfer the isk.

Hi, I cant stay online for much longer but will finalise tomorrow once EN confirms.

I understand. I did contract the goods over to EN many hours ago, but cannot log in-game. I gave her the thread. I would assume she has not had a chance to accept or view the goods yet. So, I’m at the mercy of her. I am at work personally as I am 9-5 US/East Coast time. I’ll be in-game in a couple hours to see if she accepted the contract.


OK dont worry, once she confirms I can send the isk if I am online but im in the UK so its 20.40 now and I am up in 6 hours for work. As long as you can wait another 12 hours or so then no probs.

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I reached out to her on Discord. She doesn’t seem to be logging onto EVE lately. Is there any other third-party source to trust these days?

I’ve not held collateral for others before but I’d be willing to give it a go for you guys.
I currently have some isk out in other loans if that means anything.
Can reach me most easily on discord: Fazzy#6116

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Hi fazzy, thanks for the offer but would prefer EN to hold it or I will hold myself.

I still haven’t heard anything from EN. She must be seriously AFK at the moment. I did reach out to IChooseYou if you are good with him? He said he would hold the collateral.

Hi Vile, I do not know IChooseYou and would prefer to use EN or I can hold it for you. I am not into boosters etc but dont mind holding it in a container. If you are happy with this then just contract it in Jita.

If anyone else wants to fill it if you use IChooseYou then I dont mind.

That’s entirely up to you and will be higher risk. I’m fine contracting it to you for 2 billion ISK. Just review all contents of the container before purchasing. Ensure the value matches the loan. My current estimate from EVE, Mogul and EVE Appraisal is valued at 2.00 to 2.02 B right now.

I’ll contract it over with the 2 billion ISK price tag. Once accepted, the day count for interest will start. If not, we will just wait for EN.

Hi, contract accepted, first payment due 27th August.

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Can you confirm please?

I can confirm. First payment due 27th of August!

Your first payment is due today, please confirm when you have made it as I am working away.

Interest payment sent!

Payment confirmed, thank you.

I am ready to repay back the loan. Feel free to contract my collateral back to me plus any remaining interested owed.