1.2b Collat Loan, 1 - 2 months, 3% interest


This is my first loan so bear with me. I am seeking 1.2 billion ISK fully collateralized with my freighter located in Jita. The interest is 3% to be paid out each month until loan is repaid. I’m estimating 1 - 2 months for full repayment.


The purpose of this loan is for a startup. I just founded a new corporation that specializes in hacking, piracy, smuggling, and trading. Our main income is trading right now and thus, the loan will be used for trading on the open market.


I view reason separately than purpose. The reason for the loan is because I have already over extended my funds in buying capacity. In order to be the most effective, I need more capital behind my buying power to get the best deal on the market. This has triggered me to seek additional funds so I can turn additional profit, which is what I’m seeing already with my current sell orders, but just not fast enough to reach 1.2 billion by tomorrow.


I have 1 Fenrir located in Jita that looks to be worth around 1.2 to 1.3 billion ISK on the market. I do have some additional long-term assets such as a couple billion in salvaged/hacking material from my own personal lootings. But, these assets are being injected in the corp and will be used for tech II production and or selling as it seems salvaged prices has spiked (yay!).

I don’t have anyone to hold the collateral. If you are interested in investing, please suggest a trusty body to hold on to the collateral and I’ll be happy to contract it over.


The loan is covered, so your risk is minimal. The main risk is not receiving the collateral, which we can use someone you trust to hold onto the collateral. The other risk would be if the collateral is not of the value we agreed on, but I can be flexible on the loan amount in the event you think the value will sink within the duration of this loan.

Who I Am

I have played EVE since 2004. This is my alt. My main is Famine Aligher’ri, which is one of the oldest pirates who is still active in EVE. Thus, I have tons of experience in various professions and markets. I have maxed out trading (40+ million SP) with freighter, jump freighter, and blockade running skills on top of refining and production skills.

If you have any questions, feel free to post em!

I’m interested and will contact you ingame.

Awesome, looking forward to it.

After some research, seems like @Elizabeth_Norn may be a good third-party to hold collateral?

She’s the man when it comes to 3rd party :smiley:

Looks like we have a deal here :slight_smile:

Sounds good. I have sent her a message and will await for her response.

I have contracted over my freighter and she has accepted the contract. We can wait until she posts here to confirm.

I’m holding a Fenrir as collateral for @Vile_Belief 's loan. @Rihan_Shazih can send Vile Belief the 1.2b ISK now.

Sorry for not posting straight away. I was about to post, but got a little distracted :soccer:.

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Thank you @Elizabeth_Norn. I sent 1.2b ISK to @Vile_Belief.

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Confirmed receipt. Time to do business. :wink:

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Spent some time making an online report for future templates and other dealings. Track my progress here.


I’m ready to repay the loan plus the interest today. I am hovering around 2 billion ISK from the loan. Almost doubling what was lent to me before the first month was up. This past couple of days has been good for piracy landing me around 200M ISK in profits from the backs of the poor souls in Black Rise.

I have not updated the report lately, but I will tonight and backfill the days missing. Been pretty busy at work and had a death in the family.

I’ve just passed on the principal and interest (1.236b total) to @Rihan_Shazih.

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Confirming receipt of 1.236 bil.

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