[LOAN] 10b @ 15-20% Interest with Collateral

(Benjamin Jupp) #1

So hi this will be my first request for a loan. I posted on the old forums but I also decided to post on this because I don’t know which one is more active.


INTREST: 15-20%
COLLAT: 550 Million
TIME: 3-4 Months (Possible Earlier Completion)

Why am I requesting loan:

I am a returning EVE player thats need the loan to buy first and foremost PLEX then a Freighter which will be outlined why in my market plan.


My market strategy is to buy low items in one station at one region and sell high at another station in another region.
To accomplish this in a reasonable short time I need to move with big amounts of items.
Which Is also why I need a freighter so that I could move huge quantities of items in short time.


Since this is my first time asking for a loan I will go directly ONLY if you are a known loan agent…
Otherwise we can go through a trusted 3rd Party

Thank You,
Benjamin Jupp

(Keno Skir) #2

Your loan isn’t collateralized, since the loan is for 10B and the collateral is worth only 550M. Collateral of course is a way of ensuring fair play when dealing with an unknown entity (you) and thus must cover the entire loan amount (plus a bit).

If you’d like to discuss a smaller loan and can scrape up a little more collateral i’ll be happy to chat with you.

Understand as a new poster here on MD you are incredibly unlikely to walk away with 10 Billion ISK uncollateralized.

(Fannie Anathema) #3

Why would you need a freighter when courier contracts move fast enough and are quite affordable, most inter-regional trading can/should be done with a blockade runner, and even worse add a risk of ruin to your investment?

Secondly the title is somewhat misleading as you don’t really have collateral for the amount you are requesting.

Thirdly, having to buy a PLEX already puts your NAV under what it should be to reimburse the loan and pay interest.

Fourth, why ask for a third party / known loan agent (whatever that means) if you are offering a collateral much under the value what you are asking for?

Finally, do you have any proof that you are able to pull such profits with this method? You’d need to be pulling 50-ish% per month ROI to PLEX, pay interest, and amortize your investment.

(Benjamin Jupp) #4

@Keno_Skir Unfortunately I do not have any more money than 550 million that is all I have saved up. With no collateral how much are you willing to loan me and at what interest rates?

@Fannie_Anathema I have proof that I am able to pull in a considerable profit per haul. Sadly though I do not have the funds to achieve that which is why I asked for a loan.

If there are anymore questions please ask and I will be happy to answer them.

(Elgon Smitehand) #5

Alright, since I don’t have much of a life, I looked at some statistics. Lets get this straight. You started playing on 8/14/2015. Approximately 6 days later, you joined a 2 man inactive corporation and were in it for 2 years till 7/19/2017. What this tells me is that you barely played Eve. I’d estimate your total time of playing to be about 8-14 days. You would not have stayed in an inactive corporation for 2 years or even a couple months, especially a 3 man corp. What I’m asking you is how can an investor trust you at all when you have those kinds of numbers? We only have proof that you’ve played 6 days and you don’t have many assets to prove us wrong. What is telling us that you won’t quit again?

On another note, usually the collateral is greater than the loan. I would suggest going for a 500 million ISK loan with that collateral as well as 15% interest.

(Benjamin Jupp) #6

@Elgon_Smitehand I played for 7 months before the corp I was in started disbanding. I decided to quit eve and remain in the corp. Fast forward back to now… and I left because there is nobody active. I asked for a 10 billion isk loan at 3-4 months. I will probably be able to pay it within 2 months.

(Keno Skir) #7

Get in touch by EvE Mail mate, against my better judgement i may be able to help you out. Please mail me and let me know when you’re likely to be online.

(Benjamin Jupp) #8

@Keno_Skir I sent you an EVE Mail and i’ll be on for the next 4 hours after that I’ll be gone until next tuesday due to a family trip. Also thank you for helping me!

(Cista2) #9

Wait, is he saying the collateral is ISK? That’s pretty funny.
To the OP: you should try getting a loan for 500 mil or something. Listen to the kind people here. You don’t need a freighter.

(Elgon Smitehand) #10

Giving a MD newcomer a 10b uncollateralized loan might be a bit iffy. I know you’ve probably made up your mind… but still. I’d like to see how this plays out. He had gotta be making a lot of ISK/Month to pay you back.

(Keno Skir) #11

I’m not going to elaborate on the offer i have made to the OP until it is finalized, but rest assured i was not born quite yesterday. Thanks for your concern though o/