[LOAN] 10b / 3% Uncollateralized

Getting back into EVE (I blame SCC Discord).

Loan should be anticipated to last at least a few months as I don’t have a “here’s how I’m going to flip this money fast” plan. Probably just going to play around with missioning/etc but want to have a buffer in there to see about BPO researching/etc.

Feel free to flame me for making a lazy loan request post compared to my normal ones. :joy:

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To be clear, this is a crosspost of https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=6983153

why do you need 10b, what are you going to spend it on, and why is there no collateral and such a low interest rate?

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Priorities are:

  1. Omega my account.
  2. Tinker around with a couple mission fits as I’ve agreed to basically copy Imiarr Timshae’s standings grinding service for a couple people.
  3. Buy some BPOs to try out that delicious passive income.

TBH I’m mostly just hanging this out as more of a “Folks who know my loan history on MD know I’m good for it” loan, not something I have much of a specific plan for. It’s just easier to kickstart having fun in the game again if you’ve got a little dosh to toy with first.

Didnt you make a thread about getting 10 bill like 5 months ago? I thought you were farming SP. I dont see how you could be able not to afford a mere 1.5 billion for the Omega/decent mission fit from your own pocket.

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I did make that post, I ended up repaying all the money and quitting SP farming (turns out I hate SP farming, basically). I probably could scrape up 1.5b, I think I’d have to drop a couple toons. I generally sell/give away most/all my assets when I quit (and having quit 3 times now, you’d think I’d learn…). I probably could scrape up 1.5b, but loans are more fun.

Posted this on old forums, will post here too -
A fun history of posts you might want to review when deciding on this:


I dont see how you could hate SP farming, as its the most passive way to receive income.

That’s basically what I found I hated about it.

I could very well be wrong !

But did i not hear something about Dethmourne Silvermane being sold / bought on the char bizarre?

As said i could be mistaken and be thinking of another well known MD guy, but if someone linked this before please link it again.

Sorry if i’m on about someone else Deth :cherries:

Sorry about the very late reply to this (I’ve pretty much quit EVE due to lack of caring b/c I’m not in debt anymore. Yes, debt drives my participation in EVE. Seriously).

I had at one point sold Dethmourne in a verbal “pawn” agreement to Aerallo (sp?); I have long since made my repayment and reacquired the character (also noted on Character Bazaar forums though I can’t recall the exact date/time of the post).