Uncollateralized 3b loan 3.75%

Amount: 3b
Interest: 3.75%
Duration: 1 month
Why: Need capital to skill inject new alts.

I believe 3.75% interest is fair.

Willing to respond to questions in private, maybe some questions in public.

Not going to waste my time responding to scam accusations.

<-insert scam accusation->

Why are you posting on a three day old character?

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How do you intend to earn the 3b +interest to repay the loan? couldn’t you just earn the 3b that would be used to repay the loan to buy the injectors?

There is a no scamming rule on the market area of the forums, I wonder if CCP would enforce repayment of the loan. =)

Because frankly, if you looked up my main characters it would be quite puzzling why I would need 3 billion due to their age and SP pools.

I made a mistake that I can correct now with a bit of liquid ISK.

I would prefer to keep my older characters unknown for the time being.

No liquid ISK on me at the moment. My main business requires a bit of liquid ISK.

I don’t care about any rules of reinforcing repayments of loans. I’m not worried about repaying, I know I can when the time comes.

If you do math, 3.75% interest will quite simple to achieve. I plan to make around 25% off the 3b in a month’s time then return it with the interest. Perhaps after that I can borrow more as I would be hopefully more trustworthy after that. Of course, I may not be able to necessarily make 25% off a larger size loan but I will investigate those opportunities if they come.

Do post with your main.

Would you trust a three day old character with 3b ISK?

No I would not trust them with 3b

Oops, that was meant for @Else_Larsen.

OK. I understand the mindset. I will try to look elsewhere for funding.

Thanks guys for being civil.

There have been far too many scams recently with < 30 day old toons (and even seasoned people ) popping in here saying they can’t divulge the identity of their main for whatever reason, and many attempts of unanswered threads of the same thing.

This loan amount is small enough that the interest received is negligible and not really worth the hassle.

There is really nothing that screams trust me of a 3 day old toon, asking for 3bil.

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