Uncoll 3bil loan 3 months 10% monthly

Why: SP farming, PLEXing and to buy MCTs to use with the ones my friend loaned me
How much: 3bil
How long: 3 months or less
Return: 10% monthly

if you wanna negotiate or talk go ahead and shoot me an EVEMail or just reply here, don’t be shy I don’t bite LOL

Is Jita local getting crowded or something? Seen a few of these loan scams on the forums lately.

As it is patently obvious no one will fill this or any other uncollateralised loan from an unknown such as yourself, I will fill this bond fully collateralised (either directly with me or with a trusted third party) at half the offered interest rate. If you don’t have 3bil liquid, I would suggest you’re not ready to start an SP farm.

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Nice friend.

Maybe ask him for the loan?

This one isn’t really trying. I can’t tell if I’m relieved or infuriated.

Just let the lazy ones be. Its all in good fun to poke fun at these idiots.

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