Uncollatoralized 3 billion, 4 months, 10% monthly

I am looking to do SP farming with this loan. I have the basics set up, but I need a little more cash so I can buy a few more MCTs/implants. I feel like the 10% monthly is an ample reward for your trust, however all of the terms I have listed are negotiable at your request.

Do you have any previous experience with skill farming? Anything else that would make me trust you more?

I’ve been doing it on a pretty small, basic scale, but I want to ramp up production with more toons and more accounts, which is why I need the money to buy some MCTs and implants. If you’d like to negotiate the terms to something that would make you more comfortable, we can.

I decided not to fund you because you seem to have no history in the marketplace and your toon was freshly created for this.

I understand, I wish you luck in future endeavors o7

If its a scam though, even a 100% monthly return isnt enough. Or a 1000%.

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