3.5b loan, 3-5 months, 7% monthly

Im having a go at SP farming so im asking for a 3.5b uncollat loan @7% monthly, for 3-5 months.
Purpose is buying 3 more MCT’s in addition to the ones I got from that sale a while ago.

Are you still looking for the loan?

Yes i am

3.5b sent

3.5b received o/

thank you, I received the first month’s

Thank you again, received the second month :slight_smile:

Sent the 3rd month ,Im gonna go on vacation soon and might not be here in time for the next, not sure yet, but ill send as soon as i come back

Yep received, thank you

Just here to say that im still not home and not sure when i will come back but should be around next week hopefully

Message received, thanks for checking in.

received interest

Loan has been paid back in full.


Is this multi-boxing rep grind not complete yet?

It just finished.

Thank goodness. I assume there will be another shortly at a higher valuation hoping to sucker someone in.

No, no, it will be filled by the same person, or by another alt. Gotta stack up the rep more than once.

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