[Filled] 73 B Loan

I am lending (a total of) 73 B to @Riperd_Jacks . (Always great to have returning clients!) I am holding appropriate collateral, which has been contracted back to him for 75 B (including approximately 2.7% interest). The loan will expire on 2023-08-24.

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Loan received. Will pay it back as always. Thanks.

reputation grinding :slight_smile:

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Interest payment for the first month (until 2023-07-24) has been received. Thank you! (I will re-create the contracts after they have expired.)

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Interest payment for the second month (until 2023-08-24) has been received. The loan has been extended until 2023-09-24.

The loan has been split. Interest payment has been received for 35 B, and that part of the loan has been extended until 2023-10-24.

The other part (38 B) remains due on 2023-09-24.

The part of the loan that was due on 2023-09-24 (38 B) has been paid back.

The remaining part of the loan has been paid back. Once again, thank you for your business!

Thank you for the loan! WIll take another loan soon!


This loan was full of SKINS. Even had a Vehement BPC inside that has increased 20x (From 2-3 B worth to 40-60 b worth) but Styx didn’t bother to swipe it.


Note: this contract was up for 1 month, 27 days + 3 days due to contracting restraints.

My collateral has mostly been Skill Extractors for the previous months but even with the recent increase in prices, he didn’t bother taking it.

Would highly recommend if someone wants to take loan from him.

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