[Filled] 40 B Loan

I am lending 40 B to @Riperd_Jacks . (This is in addition to and separate from his other loan.) I am holding appropriate collateral, which has been contracted back to him for 41 B (including 2.5% interest). The loan will expire on 2023-02-26.

Can confirm.

This is sus. What is the point of this thread if not to set up “trust” for future investors that you would then proceed to scam?

I thought the same but it turns out that Styx is legit for the most part. He sets up these post as a form of proof and people need proof in order to be able to trust someone unless they’re worshipping God or something.

He does set up ‘trust’ for future investors, not to scam them but have more debtors so that he could gain a profit doing a loan business or so… I think.

He has returned the collateral to me with interest rate included and an expiry date over a month in a contract which I can accept anytime and finish the loan. I haven’t accepted these return contracts yet since the point of taking loan is to use it properly before settling it.

I hope that it made you understand somewhat even if you still claim him to be a scam or something. As for me, I’ll post my experience here after my contracts with him has ended. So far, it is good but we’ll see.

why not share transaction screenshot for better proof

First, to track the loan. Second, to advertise my loan business.

I do not know how much trust this builds with future borrowers. I have been making similar threads since about 2017, with a variety of satisfied customers. Whether you want to find this reassuring or suspicious is of course up to you.

In any case, I am happy to use a trusted third party for my loans if the borrower prefers that.

That sounds like a very good idea. I wish you luck in your investing, sir…

The loan was paid back in full.

Here’s the transaction screenshot for better proof. Bought 100 Skill Extractors on sale for about 35 Bill, a few days later, gave them as collateral for 40 B Loan (a big leap of faith on my part as I could’ve gone broke if scammed), then made billions, almost doubled it before returning the loan.

I won’t go into detail on how I doubled it but you guys can probably tell. Still, that’s what happened. it’s upto you guys to believe me or not. Cheers.

Thanks for the loan, Styx. You were true to your words and kept the contract up at all times even for an amount like 40 B and a profit margin of 10 B on this week’s Skill Extractor’s rate.

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Legend says u still fighting with that bid hike guy to this day .
Is that True ?

Lol. He’s nowhere to be seen after ISD came to stop the ruckus.

Why does it matter if legit colletaral is involved?

The only ways you can get scammed are if:

  1. You get over valued collateral (Your fault)
  2. You give an uncollateralized loan (Your fault)

In the future, if he uses this post as a means to get more loans then it clearly shows Styx had collateral. Wouldn’t be Riperd’s fault if you get scammed. It’s your own.


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