[Filled] 20 B Loan

I am lending 20 B to @Riperd_Jacks (who probably deserves a “best client” award at this point). As usual, I am holding appropriate collateral, which has been contracted back to him for 20.5 B (including about 2.5% interest). The loan will expire on 2023-09-18.

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This shet is seriously profitable for me.
I just hope you don’t dip and you didn’t so far and I trust you enough to not do it, which awards you the “best banker” award, from me at the very least.

The loan was paid back in full. Thank you for your business!

Another reputation grinding thread for a big payday scam in the future. Dont fall for it, folks.

I have been advertising loans on this forum since 2017. I am not asking anyone to trust me, but decide for yourself whether you find it more likely that I have been creating fake posts all these years to track fake loans to “grind forum reputation” for some future scam, or that I have been running an actual loan business with satisfied clients as a way to earn legitimate profits.

you want legitimate profits? well, send my 100mil and i’ll send 200mil back :rofl: you can trust me, i run a legit business. talk to all my previous happy clients if you want to know my reputation :laughing:

Sorry, I’ll need adequate collateral in exchange for those 100 M. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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