400mil loan uncollatoral 10%

how much: 400mil

how long: 1 month

interest: 10% per month

why: going to buy a new abyss running ship but im outta cash because me and the boys had too much fun, i would take a loan from a friend but he ran out of omega and needs to replex

why you should trust me: been playing this game for over a year now, and ive done abyssal sites before. i plan on doing industry and trading in the future so im not gonna piss away my reputation for a quick 400 mil lol. i got all the skills to use the fit and if you want i can post it with my skillboard. if i cant pay you back for whatever reason ill buy plex to make up the difference and ill suck your dick too.

accidentally hit enter mid post because im a retard

If you feel like doing a collateralized loan at 10% hmu

sorry man got hit up by someone on discord already, but ill let u know if they dont go through with it at the last moment

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