Looking for a loan (2, 4, or 6b), collateralized @2.5%

Loan collateral will be in abyssal mods. Around 90% mutaplasmid.space estimated value.
If you don’t want to loan 6b because you don’t want to risk it, you can loan me in intervals of 2b.
Interest will be 2.5% a month.

Reason for loan is because I found something that will get me isk quick but will require some capital to start up.

If @Elizabeth_Norn or @Solonius_Rex can hold and verify collateral, I’ll loan the 6 bil

How long?

Depends on if you accept the collateral. So far I’ve sold 2 mods for 5b already so I only need 2b with collateral with one of my mods.

This is the mod in question:
Let me know if it works for you.

Loan duration depends on how long the mod takes to sell. I want to invest my isk in other stuff rather than hold onto this. I guarantee you that I will buy this mod back in 2 months if it hasn’t sold yet.

If @Solonius_Rex will hold it, I can do the 2b

Have another mod that could be collateral for another loan.
Only if a third party holds though because this mod is def under 2b.

No response from collateral holders, bump

good luck getting people to hold illiquid items for you that will take ages to sell, you should collateralise with liquid items like plex and t2/faction modules.

thx for bump man, i already got someone willing just need a third party to hold the collateral lmao

deal with the person directly, u only stand to lose a few hundred mil if they run off with the collateral.

if you deal with a 3rd party u stand to lose billions.

I want to use a third party that has a good reputation. Main reason I want a third party is because I’m afraid that he will run off with that abyssal mod even if I pay back the loan.

u dont lose anything if you borrow what the abyssal mod is worth.

the problem is finding someone willing to lend when they cant sell it quickly if u dont pay the loan back.

why do you have any particular reason to believe that 3rd parties will return your module?

Problem is this abyssal mod is worth more than 2b lol. I believe that 3rd parties will return because people like Elizabeth Norn has reputations to uphold and they prob wont ruin that reputation for something as trivial as 2b

I cant speak for Enorn, but the reason why I’ve held off on this is because abyssal mods are volatile and hard to determine prices with. Blueprints are historically easier because their prices are set through years and years of standardized pricing models.

Enorn may have a better chance at this but I suspect she is either on vacation or has a similar opinion.

Thing is even if the third party may think Abyssal mods are hard to determine prices with, it doesn’t matter because only the lender has to care. The third party is only in charge of paying out collateral if the person receiving the loan defaults right? As long as the lender accepts the mod as collateral I think it’s fine.

Third party exists to both facilitate trade, and to appraise and confirm the delivery of trade. In other words, we also exist to determine the pricing of the item, and to guarantee payout in case of default.

This is why people ask third parties for even 1 on 1 loans.

The payout in question is the mod right?

Also, just to reassure potential lenders that I can pay back my loan, this is my past income and expenses for the last 30 days.

If the lender wishes it to be, then yes. Otherwise, it can be in the form of isk, too.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras said that if you are willing to hold the mod he can do the 2b. Are you willing to hold the mod?

It’s like you didnt bother to read anything I wrote.