Looking for a small 5bil loan

Collateral will be in abyssal mods. Looking for a trustworthy person that will not just sell / lose my modules. I WANT those abyssal mods back when I return the loans. Interest can be discussed.

Im happy to fill if the mods can sustain the loan, send me a contract.

First time doing loans. Does the contract have to be in jita? And how do I know if the mods will sustain the loan? Many of these mods were rolled by me so I don’t rlly know the price of them

So you’re asking for a loan collateralized on modules you don’t know the value of?

I cant be arsed to babysit you with a loan for 5bill @ roughly 2% so I’m out…….

I mean this is like the first time I’m asking for a loan. I can get prices based on contracts of similar items in jita contracts but I can’t be sure of excat prices.

Do the values.of the mods have to add up to excatly 5 bill?

Mate, its an abyssal module, there is no exact price.

I would suspect, based on the “type” of collateral, then lenders would expect collateral to meet 110% collateral as a minimum.

U mean by 110% of the loan? Yeah I can do that

Does the items contracted to u have to be in jita?

generally a collateralized loan is easy to liquidate assets worth 100%+ of the loan amount in a trade hub, most common is Jita.
Abyssal mods are difficult to price exactly which is why i imagine noobs is suggesting 110% to account for value fluctuation in case of a default.

My suggestion is to get the mods to Jita one way or the other, contract them to noobs for the 5b requested so he can give them a quick appraisal, if they are sufficient to cover the loan im sure noobs will advise you of that in order to discuss the interest % duration etc

(if he is still interested ofc)

PS: this should be in market discussion not sell orders.

Alright ty! Noobs are u still willing?

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